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10 Days, 8 Nights, 3 in Bangkok, 5 in Pattaya. Your Thailand Tour Adventure Price includes Hotel, Transportation and Guide service.
Join us on a life changing tour to the SEX CAPTITAL OF THE WORLD! Meet more women---bang more women, then most guys do in a lifetime. Want to experience TWO girls at the same time? Become an instant rock star, no matter what you look like, how old you are or how well you hit it off with the girls. On this tour, you will be treated like a god, we kid you not!
Thailand is known Worldwide as the "Disneyland for adults". On our Thailand tour you'll stay in a luxurious hotel setting complete with pool and top notch room service. Our experienced Thai guides will take care of your every need and be there for you 24 hours a day. They'll provide STEP by STEP instructions and guidance helping you maximize your Thailand tour of time and pleasure. Showing you the best Thailand sex clubs, restaurants, sightseeing and sex entertainment plus explaining the many Thai sex customs and cultures. One of the biggest attractions in Thailand is the friendly, beautiful and exotic Thai women. Almost any Thai woman can be yours for as little as $13 US dollars. Why settle for just one when you can have 2 or 3 totally nude Thai women all to yourself in the privacy of your hotel room. Time is not an issue and you'll never be rushed as sexy Thai women are available for as little as $25 US dollars for the entire day. Enjoy them over and over again or have a different one as often as you want. You'll be pampered and treated like a king with a kingdom of thousands of beautiful eager Thai women to choose from. Join our staff of experts as well as many others who share the same interests in the pursuit of women and erotic pleasure. This is the No. 1 Thailand tour for the novice or the veteran sex traveler.

DINE in the the finest restaurants in the World for pennies on the dollar. Your selection of Culinary treats are endless and most likely you'll always be with several women of your choice. Dig in and enjoy or be hand fed by your exotic Asian goddess princess.

RELAX in Accommodations fit for a king. Spend some time alone in your plush room recovering from all the passion and lust or invite all your favorites to spend the night. You'll never go home alone in this land of pleasure. Dreams do come true in this land of SEX and FUN.

ENJOY life the way it was meant to be. Spend your free time visiting the scenic coast line. After a day of sightseeing why not enjoy a full body massage by several attentive and totally nude female servants who gently wash, oil and massage your body to a total climax.

SEX in Thailand is safe and plentiful. The never ending supply of gorgeous Thai women abounds. No games, no attitude, no maintenance is standard when comes to finding SEX in Thailand. Thai women are eager to please day or night no matter what you look like,

FUN is guaranteed on our Thailand Tours whether it's sightseeing or the pursuit of exotic women. Join others with similar interests and have fun day or night at the many bars, amusement parks and SEX havens. If you love being surrounded by thousands of eager women then reserve a seat today.

Trip includes Hotel, Group Dinners, Daily Buffet Breakfast, Airport and Hotel Transfers, Full Time Tour Guides, Palace Tour, Nightly Live Sex Shows and Parties. (Price does not include airfare)
ONLY $1495.00

Spend paradise in Thailand with "THE MAN TOUR"

As featured on the HOWARD STERN show.
The "Ultimate Sex Vacation"

Thailand Tour package Includes: (AIRFARE NOT INCLUDED)
  • Your own private air-conditioned room, large bed, cable TV, refrigerator, western toilet, telephone, and swimming pool.
  • Group Dinner and informative Orientationsessions
  • Lavish Breakfast buffet served everyday at your hotel
  • All Transfers: Airport/Hotel/Beach Resort
  • Daily Guided Nightlife tour/Cover charges included
  • Full Time Tour leaders/Concierge to help you
  • Entrance Fees, Joiner Fees and Hotel Taxes all included
  • Royal Bangkok Grand Palace Tour
  • Daily tours to Thailand's hottest nightlife.
  • 8 full days of touring the Orient's hottest adult playground
  • Many other benefits

Promotional Video shows more details of what is included on our tour.

A $250 deposit by check or credit card is required.
No refunds for no shows or cancellations.
*This is not a sex tour and we do not condone sex with minors under 18.


SPRING TOUR: April 30TH to May 9TH 2004

WINTER TOUR: Oct. 29TH to Nov. 7TH 2004

Bring a friend and SAVE $100!
Ask about our group discounts.
If you book a trip with us, we'll
arrange your flight plans!
More Fun:Traditional Thai Massages, "full service" Massages, non-stop bar-hopping with literally thousands of available women, Incredible Shopping, visit the Monkey Shows, Tiger Farm, Crocodile Farm, and the best muff diving in the world.
ONE SMILE AND THEY'RE AT YOUR SIDE or naked in your room

Any other questions regarding your trip of a lifetime, please call us at
818-888-2021, or email us at

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