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Location: Oceania
Capital: Canberra
Main Cities:Battambang
Electical:240V Adaptors
Population: 19,272,451
Currency: 1 Dollar
Language: English
Religion:Anglican, Catholic


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Nearby Countries

New Zealand

Famous for the Outback, rugby, and Olivia-Newton John, friendly Australia also offers a varied and lively commercial sex scene. Action can be found in every major city, with Melbourne and Sydney in particular featuring some of the best brothels in the world, staffed by highly attractive and skilled young women. Commercial sex is legal in most of Australia, with reasonable restrictions. Your options include the following:
Incall establishments. Full service is standard. One to five women working in the smaller establishments, 6+ working in the larger ones. Conduct and operating conditions dictated by territorial law.

Escort Services
Incall our outcall, either run by an agency or an independent sex worker. Full service is standard.

Massage Parlors
They are quasi-legal, offering a "full body rub" service, also known as "rub and tug." Depending on the establishment or local laws, it may not always be possible to negotiate full service with a girl once in the room, and it is best not to keep trying if refused.

Strip Clubs
Lap and table dancing available for a small fee. Clubs with the best facilities and most attractive women are found in the business districts of Melbourne and Sydney. It may be possible to hire a girl for "outside" activities at these clubs, but it is not likely.

Inexpensive, but illegal (or confined to the seedier areas of town) and potentially dangerous.
The typical sex worker is between 25 and 40 years of age. 18- to 24-year olds remain comparatively rare. Most are Australian residents of Anglo-Celtic descent. Asians tend to predominate in the massage parlors, particularly in the northern areas. There are also workers from New Zealand (both white and Maori half-castes), and a few Pacific Island and African girls. Indians and Australian Aborigines are rare.
Stunningly attractive sex workers are not common, but very attractive ones can be. However, always be wary of telephone descriptions, particularly concerning age and bust size.

Sex workers in most areas are required to have checkups every month. The proper procedure is to have vaginal swabs, urine test (for chlamydia) and throat swabs taken. In addition, they are required to have their blood checked (for HIV, Hep B and C) every three months. However, to be completely safe, never have unprotected sex.
The cost of commercial sex in Australia is reasonable, but is more expensive than that in nearby Thailand, New Zealand, or the Philippines. Prices range from $60 for a massage parlor "quickie" in some of the more remote areas to $5,000-plus for the poshest escorts. However, you can usually expect to pay from $120 to $250 for one hour of full service in a brothel or to an escort.

Prices listed in this FAQ are in Australian Dollars
The past decade has seen a dramatic liberalization of the commercial sex laws in most Australian territories. Brothels, massage parlors, and escort services now operate within the law (which varies between territories) everywhere except for Tasmania and Western Australia. In those territories, brothels remain illegal, but it's unlikely that you'll be hassled by law enforcement for visiting one.

The past few years have also seen a dramatic crackdown in street prostitution in Western Australia. Soliciting streetwalkers (known as "kerb crawling" in the local parlance) can get you a fine of up to $1,000 or a 2-year prison sentence. Getting caught playing at that activity, or soliciting a sex worker under the age of 18, can turn your Australian dream vacation into a nightmare. It's generally a good idea to steer clear of streetwalkers no matter where you are in Australia, as you're greatly increasing your chances of being scammed or contracting a disease.
Any time is a good time to be in Australia. The summer months (December to February) are most popular with tourists, and can get uncomfortably hot. If you're in the southern states during these months, you'll find great beach weather.
Because Australia is south of the equator, the seasons are reversed from Europe, North America, and much of Asia. Spring lasts from September to November, summer from December to February, fall from March until May, and winter from June to August. In general, the climate is very pleasant, without dramatic shifts in temperature.
From June until August things have settled a little. Overall, spring and autumn are probably the safest bets - the weather is reasonably mild wherever you are, and the tourist crowds should be lighter.
Christmas is part of the long summer school vacation, and much of Australia is on holiday during December and January. Easter is also a popular holiday. Accommodations are almost always booked during these times. However, if you want to avoid holiday chaos, don't arrive in Australia at Easter or just before Christmas.

Australia Day Monday 28 January 2002
Canberra Day (ACT) Monday 18 March 2002
Anzac Day Thursday 25 April 2002
Queens Birthday (except WA) 10 June 2002

Queens Birthday (WA)30 September 2002
Boxing Day Thursday 26 December 2002
Australia Day Monday 27 January 2003
Australia boasts a number of popular festivals and events. The Festival of Sydney, held during most of January, includes a number of events from open air concerts, to street theatre and fireworks.
The Adelaide Arts Festival takes place at the beginning of March in even-numbered years. In odd-numbered years, Womadelaide, Adelaide's outdoor festival of world music and dance, is held in February. For Melbourne, there's a Comedy Festival in February, the world's biggest Writers' Festival in September and the fabulous Melbourne International Festival in October. For sports enthusiasts, there's the Sydney to Hobart yacht race (from Boxing Day); the Australian Open tennis championship (Melbourne in January); the Australian Grand Prix (Melbourne in March); Australian Rules Football (around the country from March to September); and the Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday in November. For more information, visit the Australian Travel Commission Website
  How to
The main international airports are Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, followed by Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Cairns. There are plenty of connections to Asia, Europe, and the US, but Australia's remoteness makes flights relatively long (20+ hours from the US). Many flights are heavily booked, so make plans well in advance.
Departure Tax
Flights to Australia can be expensive, costing well over US$1,000, especially during the tourist season. Count on paying an additional departure tax of US$19. This tax is usually included with the price of your airline ticket.
The Australian Travel Commission offers discounts on flight and vacation packages for those who sign up to receive their newsletters. Visit their Website
  What to Bring
Bring clothing applicable to the season (T- Shirts, sportswear, etc. for summer; sweatshirts, warm jacket, etc. for winter). Also, bring smart casual clothes if you plan on visiting nightclubs or better restaurants.
  Passports and Visas
Every nationality except New Zealanders need visas. Tourist visas and Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visas are valid for three months. ETAs are free; standard visas cost US$35. Longer-term visas can be applied for.
For more information
Make sure you have your passport, visa, and landing card. Do not bring food into Australia, particularly fresh food. Don't even think about bringing in illegal drugs. For more information as to what is prohibited, visit the Customs Website
  Payment Methods
Money Exchange
You can exchange your cash at almost any bank or exchange bureau. Travelers checks generally get a better rate than cash, though banks charge a commission. ATMs accept credit and Cirrus cards.
Credit cards, particularly Visa and MasterCard, are widely accepted and mandatory if you're renting a car.
  How Much
Australia can offer the US traveler some real bargains in dining and lodging. Expect to pay anywhere from US$3-5 for a budget meal to US$15 and upwards in the better restaurants. For a night's lodging, expect to pay anywhere from US$6-17 for hostel accommodations in remote areas to US$60 and upwards for the better hotels in the major cities. Figure on spending about US$50 a day if you're moving around, eating out once or twice a day, and staying in budget hotels. Double that if you're travelling around the country or patronizing better restaurants and hotels.
5 to 15% is the norm. However, it may not be a problem if you don't tip. Tell taxi drivers to keep the change.
  Airport to Lodging
Taxis are available at each terminal. To catch a taxi, follow the sign to head to taxi queue. It costs approximately $30 dollars to get to the Melbourne City. For more information, visit this site
The Skybus is a special public transport running between Melbourne City and the airport, which you can use. Follow the sign to get to the bus stop or ask the Information Desk for its location. Its interval is 30 minutes between 6:40 am to 11:40 PM and every hour from 11:40 PM until 6:40. The Skybus stops at every many places in the City, so please check with the bus driver to drop you at the most convenient stop. It costs $10 for a one-way ticket and $18 for a return ticket.
You can find more information regarding the Skybus service

A special bus, the Airport Express, runs regularly from the airport to various stops in the city, Kings Cross and Bondi beach. Ordinary city buses also go by the airport, but they're less frequent. The airport also runs a more expensive limousine bus service, which will take you right to your hotel, and pick you up from the same on your way out. A taxi from the airport to Circular Quay will cost about US$15; to Central station it will be about US$10. There is also a rail link between the airport and the city.
The majority of long-distance domestic trips are made by air. Qantas is the major airline, and there are several smaller regional airlines. Airlines frequently offer many discounts for domestic travel.

Buses are another option, but travel time between major cities can be substantial. Australia also has a rail network linking all major cities except Darwin, but it's the slowest mode of domestic travel and is expensive (but more comfortable for overnight trips).

Car Rental
Renting a car can be the most economical way of travelling around Australia.
The most obvious challenge is the Australian practice of keeping to the left. You will be confronted with traffic circles and need to know the rule: the car in the circle has the right of way. Also, no left turn on red unless specifically marked.

Getting around town is easy. Melbourne's public transport system is known as The Met and you can change from tram to train to bus all on one Met ticket. Tickets can be bought to cover a two hour, daily or weekly requirement. Generally, the system operates between 5:00 am and midnight Monday to Saturday and 8:00 am to 11:00 pm on Sundays.

Sydney has a good train network, including an underground city centre loop. The bus network is extensive, with plenty of fare deals and several hop-on, hop-off buses. Taxis are cheap and reliable.
Australia features a wide variety of lodging choices, from hostels to quaint bed-and-breakfast establishments to modern hotels.


Punt Hill Serviced Apartments

6 Williams Road
Prahran, VIC 3181
Tel: +61 3 9650 1299
Rates: One bedroom $121, two bedrooms $159
E-mail: info@punthill-apartments.com.au
Situated only minutes from Chapel Street, Prahran, with all its vibrant atmosphere, fashion boutiques, shops, restaurants, night life and cafes. Excellent access to the city centre and St Kilda Road business districts on Melbourne's famous trams. A convenience store situated right next door makes it easy for you to stock your fully equipped kitchen.

Albert Park Manor Boutique Hotel
405 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne 3000
Tel: (03) 9821-4486
Fax: (03) 9821-4496
E-mail: hartsboutique@bigpond.com.au
Rates: Budget Room $82.00, Double Room $113.00, Large Double $124.00, Standard Spa Room $140.00, Presidential Spa Room $158.00 Extra Person $20.

Situated on the cnr St Kilda Rd & Toorak Rd. Minutes to City, St.Kilda Beach. South Yarra, Crown Casino, Tennis Centre and the M.C.G. Tranquil hotel elegantly decorated with graciouse Antiques, most rooms have 4 poster beds. Enjoy strolling through Botanical Gardens or Albert Park with its large swimming and sporting complex only minutes walk away. Car Parking Free off street car parking.
Getting There
If getting a taxi from airport tell driver Cnr St.Kilda & Toorak Rd next to the small McDonalds.
Most trams from city and Flinders St Station stop outside hotel.

Aston Apartments
40 Powell Street
South Yarra, Victoria 3141
Tel: +61 (03) 9866 2953
Fax: +61 (03) 9867 8685
Nightly Rates: $65 to $264, depending on size and quality. Discounted rates for weekly or monthly stays.
Car Parking
Free off street car parking
Getting There
Approx. 3kms from city
Approx. 28kms from the airport
Airport Bus to city - $12 per person, then taxi/tram/train to office (South Yarra)
Taxi direct from Airport - Approx. $30 - $40 depending on traffic.
Note: The office is at 40 Powell Street, South Yarra, and the apartments are all at different locations. Please keep your taxi waiting when you arrive at the office at 40 Powell Street because the apartments are always at a location different to the Main office.
Note: Office hours are from 0830am till 1900(7pm)m-f and 0830am till 1730(5.30pm). No bookings are to be made for the same day after 6PM! If you are arriving after the office has closed the key will be in the mailbox behind the gate at 40 Powell Street South Yarra.
Here's a good web site for hotel reservations

The Cambridge Park Inn
212 Riley St
Sydney, NSW 2010
Fax: 61 (02) 9999 4332
Rates: $114 -133, depending on season.
This is just off the City end of Oxford Street, close to Hyde Park and within walking distance of the city itself. It’s opposite Surry Hills Police Station, and there are many brothels within a 2 km radius. Shuttle bus from Airport: $6, Taxi: $20.

The Sovereign Inn
220 Pacific Hwy
North Sydney, NSW 2060
Tel: (02) 9957-5744
Fax: (02) 9957-5394
Rates: $135 to $204, special weekend rate of $120
Within easy walking distance of the North Sydney Central Business District and public transport, prime retail shopping and is convenient to Taronga Park Zoo, Mater Misericordiae and Royal North Shore Hospitals. Also, within walking distance from ESP Massage (see Sex).

Noah Lodge
179 Cleveland Street
(Cnr Woodburn Street)
Chippendale NSW 2008
Tel: +61 2 8303 1303
Fax: +61 2 8303 1300
E-mail: bookings@noahlodge.com.au
Rates: $99-112 Full rate, $85-95 Internet special (check the Website for details)
Conveniently located on the south fringe of the city centre, it only takes an easy walk to Central Station, Chinatown and Darling Harbour. Also close by to delightful eateries, museums, The Rocks area and the CBD.
Car Parking
Security undercover parking available at a flat rate of $11 per night.
Getting There
From the airport: 3.5km from the airport so catching a taxi costs only approx. $20. Alternatively, walk outside of the airport towards your right hand side and catch a shuttle bus, which will bring you to the hotel for approx. $7 per person.
From Central Station: From the Broadway exit, walk south along Lee Street for 10 minutes. Lee Street will turn into Regent Street in which we are on the corner of Regent and Cleveland Streets.
By Car: Turn into City Road from the Great Western Hwy, then 1st left onto Cleveland Street in which you will find it on the corner of Regent and Cleveland Streets

Gazebo Hotel
2 Elizabeth Bay Rd, Kings Cross, Sydney NSW 2011
Ph. (02) 9358 1999
Fax: (02) 9356 2951
Rates: $145, weekends
E-mail: sydney@gazebohotels.com.au
Spectacular city and harbour views, trendy restaurants and outdoor cafes are a feature of the Elizabeth Bay area just 3 kilometres from the city centre. The Airport Express bus can take you there. It’s on Route 350 44.
Note: This hotel may be closed for renovations. Please contact the staff to confirm.

Boulevard Hotel
90 William Street, Sydney
Tel: (61-8) 9301 2756
Fax:(61-8) 9301 2759 Ask for Vanessa
Rates (April 1 through October 31): Standard ($125 Single/Twin, $170 Triple), Deluxe ($159 Single/Twin, $205 Triple). Includes Continental breakfast.
E-mail: admin@boulevard.com.au
Close (within walking distance) to the Central Business District, Main Street, bohemian area, and other “action.” Great shopping, sightseeing, and dining nearby.

Here's a good web site for hotel reservations
Other Areas:
Perth, Western Territory

Sheraton Perth Hotel

207 Adelaide Terrace
Perth, WA , 6000
Fax: 61 2 9999 4332
Rates: $159 - $239
Just a short walk from the central city shopping, entertainment and business district.
Parking: $10. Taxi to hotel from Airport: $6.

Adelaide, Western Australia

Hyatt Regency Adelaide

North Terrace
SA 5000
Tel: +61 8 8231 1234
Fax: +61 8 8231 1120
Rates: About $245
E-mail: adelaide@hyatt.com.au
On the picturesque River Torrens next to Adelaide Casino,
Festival Center, Convention Center and Parliament House.
Since it was once part of the British empire, Australia has retained much of its culinary heritage. Standard "pub grub" includes meat pies, sausage, and fish and chips. However, the more cosmopolitan areas now feature eclectic dining menus from all over the world. For the less adventurous, most larger towns and cities have many familiar North American fast food chains.
Beer often comes to mind when picturing Australia. As the saying goes, the Aussies didn't invent beer, but they perfected it. You'll find plenty of pubs where you can test this claim.


The best and most diverse areas for restaurants include Chinatown and Southgate in the city, Brunswick St. in Fitzroy, and Fitzroy and Acland Sts. in St Kilda.
Also, check out the Melbourne Diner's Guide for specific restaurant recommendations.

Here are some recommended restaurants:


40Jacka Boulevard
St. Kilda, Melbourne, VIC 3182
(03) 9534 8221
Serves modern cuisine (pasta, seafood, beef, chicken) On the beach in St. Kilda. Open for lunch & dinner from 12.00 Noon, Seven Days a week. Appetizers: $14.50 to $19.00. Main courses: $16.50 to $36.00. Desserts: $10.00 to $15.50. Expensive, but worth it!

Gurkha’s Brasserie
190-192 Chapel St, Prahran
(03) 9510-3325
The place for the most delicious Nepalese food and service. Elegant decor and cozy atmosphere with open fire place. Open for dinner 6 - 10 pm. Main courses: $10.95 - $13.50.

Holmwood Guesthouse
37 Chapel Street (Cnr Steele Street) Cowes
+61 3 5952 3082
Just 200 metres from a sandy swimming beach and Cowes township. It is the perfect accompaniment to Phillip Island's natural attractions Phillip Island. Features homegrown, organic foods. It is also a hotel. Rates are from $115 to $175, depending on room type and season.

The best and most diverse areas for restaurants include Darlinghurst, Kings Cross, Paddington and Glebe, and Circular Quay.
Here are some recommended restaurants:

Lyne Park, Rose Bay
(02) 371-0555
A great restaurant right on Rose Bay between the Ferry wharf and the sea plane pier. Catch the Rose Bay Ferry out here for a superb meal with panoramic water vistas. Most main courses run approximately $26 and starters range from $8 to $16. Booking essential.

Forty One Restaurant
2 Chiefly Square
(02) 221-2500
Come here and blow your travel budget! Its worth every penny. There are five courses offered (cold appetizer, warm appetizer, main course, cheese and dessert) and diners may chose three, four or five. The prices are $65, $75 and $85 respectively. This is Sydney's most popular restaurant. Book as far in advance as possible since it is always crowded and tables are assigned based on when you called.

India Down Under
44 Macleay Street, Potts Point
(02) 357- 7071
Fine traditional Indian restaurant just on the outskirts of King's Cross. India Down Under's menu also offers Tandoori cooking plus the usual selection of lamb, beef and chicken dishes. Licensed. Reservations recommended on weekends and public holidays.

Kingsley's Australian Steakhouse
29A Kings Street
(02) 262-4155
Kingsley's is in an old warehouse in the city center. The menu boasts the normal list of steaks you'd expect in any good US steak house plus a variety of Australian dishes like Kangaroo Fillet and an Aussie Snag Plate which consists of lamb, kangaroo and pork sausages. There' s a daily fish special as well as a soup of the day. Prices are moderate ($14 to $21 for steaks).

Phillip's Foote
George Street, in the Rocks
Excellent steaks that you barbecue yourself. Reasonable prices (approximately US $11 for a medium sized sirloin with the usual trimmings).

Ramen Hokuto
80 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
Inexpensive Japanese Noodle shop. Huge bowls of steaming Ramen soup for around $6 or $7. Tasty fried dumplings (Gyoza) make a great starter. The portions are large and they have several vegetarian items on their menu.

Sennin Vegetarian
288 Oxford Street, Bondi Junc
(02) 389-8081
Try their vegetable stir fry with Soba noodles or the sweet potato and fresh herb dumpling with paprika cheese sauce. Meals run $10.50 to $11.50. Bring a nice bottle of wine. There is no corkage charge.

Ten Sun
360 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction
Excellent Japanese Noodle stand, easily the best in the Eastern Suburbs. Delicious, rich miso ramen soup. Also Shio, Shoyu and rice and curry dishes. Ramen soups around $7. Very informal. Closed Thursdays. There is also one in Crow's Nest in the Northern suburbs.

Eat Streets
If you're not sure what you want for dinner, try one of Sydney's "Eat Streets". These are streets with an abundance of interesting cafes and restaurants of every possible stripe. Prices tend to be reasonable in all the eateries along the block. Try Darling Street in Balmain and Glebe Point Road in the Inner West. Cab to either one (you can also ferry to Darling Street).

Other Areas:

Adelaide, South Australia
Try the fish at George's on Gouger Street or stroll along Hindley Street and sample from any of the numerous take out stands.

Perth, Western Australia
Go to the Northbridge area and pick any of the numerous restaurants.

Hobart, Tasmania
Drunken Admiral
17-19 Old Wharf, Hobart
Fine seafood restaurant right on Hobart's main wharf. Prompt, friendly service. Must book.

Prossers by the Sea
Great seafood venue situated on the top floor of a sailing club right on the Derwent in Sandy Bay, about two kilometers (1.2 miles) past the casino in Hobart. Try the house specialty, Oven Baked East Coast Scallops in a shellfish and mushroom sauce either as a starter or as your main course ($20.50 as a main). The fish is ocean fresh and the service friendly. Booking essential.

Mures Upper Deck
Victoria Dock, Hobart
Try whatever the fresh fish of the day is ($19). You can have it broiled, pan fried or deep fried. You should book.

Tamar Court Brasserie and Wine Center
A new restaurant in Exeter just 15 or so miles north of Launceston on the west side of the Tamar. The Catch of the Day ($19 for baked Trevalla) is out-of-the-ocean fresh. The Garlic Tiger Prawns ($14.50) are also fresh and tasty. The Tamar Court also has a separate wine tasting center where, for $3.50 (refunded if you buy a bottle) you can taste several of the local whites and reds. For $6.50 they include crackers, pate and other oddments to nibble on. The advantage here is that you can try several of the wineries on either side of the Tamar without having to drive all over the place.
Drinking the tap water in the major cities should not pose a health problem, but if you have doubts, drink only bottled water and soft drinks purchased from reputable stores.
The dominant language is English. Aboriginal languages are also spoken, plus numerous other European, Arabic and Asian languages. Local Aussie sayings are colorful and expressive. Here are a few of the most common or applicable:
A bit strong = A hurtful remark or action
Aerial Pingpong = AFL (Australian Football League)
Barbie = A barbecue
Battler = Someone who has lived a hard life
Blowie = A blowfly
Bludger = Layabout
Bulldust = A lie or fib
Cadge = Beg, borrow or steal (friendly)
Chunder = Vomit
Dero = Derelict, bum
Dinky Di = True blue, the absolute truth
Duff = Cattle theft
Dunny = Toilet
Fair Dinkum = Fair go / really / the truth / good
Furphy = A lie
Galah = Idiot
Grouse = Good / great
Hoon = Revhead, car enthusiast
Kiwi = New Zealander
Knockers = Breasts
Larrikin = Mischief maker
Nipper = Small child
Oldie = Anyone over 20 years old
Pearler = Something that has happened superbly
Pub = Bar / hotel
Sanger = Sandwich / sausage
Sheila = Australian female
Sickie = Day off work due to invented illness
Smoko = Break from work
Stubby = Small bottle of beer Tinny Can of beer
Troppo = Crazy
Ute Utility =vehicle
Wanker = Someone with an ego problem
Woop Woop = Middle of nowhere
Yarn Long = conversation / story
Youze You = (singular or plural)
Zambuck = A first aider present at a sporting event
For a country that got its start as a penal colony, Australia is very safe. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep your wits about you while in public. Don't appear intoxicated or flaunt money or other valuables, and be sure to keep to well-lit areas while travelling at night.
Australia's crime rate is low; however, foreign visitors are sometimes targets for pick-pockets, purse snatchers, and petty thieves, especially at airports. Visitors should stay on the main streets and be aware when withdrawing money from cash machines. Automobile burglaries and theft of personal belongings also occur. Particular care should also be taken when walking in areas such as the Kings Cross district of Sydney and downtown George Street. The Sydney police have advised tourists to be aware due to a series of attacks on backpackers.
Robberies of safe-deposit facilities at inexpensive hotels and hostels occur. Be particularly careful with personal possessions and travel documents in popular tourist destinations such as Cairns and the Gold Coast. In addition, streetwalkers in major cities sometimes work in tandem to scam customers: after the customer is lured to a hotel room or apartment, one services the customer while the other goes through his belongings, taking cash and anything else of value.
There are many clinics in Australia offering services to travelers.
Sydney TMVC (Travellers Medical and Vaccination Centre)
Adelaide TMVC (Travellers Medical
and Vaccination Centre)
Maggie Phillips and Peter Del Fante, MDs
27-29 Gilbert Place Adelaide, SA 5000
Hours: 9 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Monday;
9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday;
8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. Wednesday; 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday
Phone: (08) 212 7522; Fax: (08) 212 7550
Brisbane TCA (Travel Clinics Australia)
Dr. John Skala Travelers Medical Service
Level 1, 245 Albert Street Brisbane, QLD 4000
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday - Thursday;
7:30am - 6pm Friday; 8:30am - 5pm
Saturday; 9:30am - 4pm Sunday;
10am - 2pm public holidays
Phone: (07) 3211 3611; Fax: (07) 3211 3771
E-mail: cbdmedical@ozemail.com.au
Darwin TCA (Travel Clinics Australia)
Dr. Andrew McDonald
3 Malak Place
Malak Darwin, NT 0812
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday;
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Saturday-Sunday
Phone: (08) 8927 9911;
Fax: (08) 8945 1414
Hobart TCA (Travel Clinics Australia)
Dr. Madeleine Lovell
University Doctors Clinic
University Union Building Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay
Hobart, TAS 7005
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Monday - Friday; 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Saturday
Phone: (03) 6226 2102; Fax: (03) 6226 7177
Mandy Hu, MD
7th Floor, Dymocks Building
428 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday - Wednesday,
Friday; 8:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. Thursday;
9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday
Phone: (02) 221 7133;
Fax: (02) 221 8401
Melbourne TMVC
(Travellers Medical and Vaccination Centre)
Sonny Lau, MD 2nd Floor
393 Little Bourke Street Melbourne, VIC 3000
Hours: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday;
9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Wednesday;
9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Friday and Saturday
Fax: (03) 9629 2009 E-mail: annewtmc@bigpond.com
Travellers Health Specialists
David Millar, MD
Ground Floor, 5 Mill Street
Perth, WA 6000
Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Thursday;
8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Friday;
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Saturday
Phone: (08) 9321 1977; Fax: (08) 9321 1984
E-mail: travel.health@healthcare.net.au


Global Gossip
440 Elizabeth St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
03 9663 0511
Surf-Net City
140 St. Kilda Rd
St. Kilda Melbourne, Victoria
61 3 9593-9977
The Lab
490 Elizabeth St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
61 03 96397500
Internet cafe st.kilda
9 Grey St
St. Kilda Melbourne, Victoria
61 3 9534 2666
Acland's Internet Café
123 Acland St
St. Kilda Melbourne, Victoria 3182
61 39534 7722

111 Darlinghurst Rd
Kings Cross, Sydney, New South Wales 2011
02 9326 9777
317 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
Sydney, New South Wales
61 02 9552 6966
108 Oxford St
Darlinghurst, Sydney, New South Wales
61 02 9380 4588
14 Wentworth Ave
Sydney, New South Wales
61 02 9263 0400
Shop 2, 37 Hall St
Sydney, New South Wales 2026
61 2 9365 4811
770 George St
Sydney, New South Wales 2011
61 02 9212 1466
International country code [61]
Selected city codes: Adelaide (8), Brisbane (7), Canberra (2), Melbourne (3), Perth (8), Sydney (2)
To reach Australia from overseas, dial your country's international dialing code, then the country code (61), then the city code and finally the number. Remember that when dialing from outside the country, omit the zero preceding the area code. If you were dialing Brisbane from the United States, for example, you would begin with 011, then 61, then 7 (the city code for Brisbane), and finally the number of the person or office you are trying to reach.

Local Calls
Australia has one of the most advanced telephone systems in the world, and you should have no problem making calls. Because the country is running out of telephone and fax numbers, every number in the country now is eight digits plus a two digit area code.

Long Distance Calls
If dialing from inside Australia, all area codes begin with a 0, which is dropped when dialing Australian numbers from outside the country. In order to achieve a uniform eight digits for its phone numbers, Melbourne has added a '9' preceding all of its numbers.

International Calls
To make a direct call overseas, dial 011 + country code + area code + number. From hotels one may have to dial a zero or nine first to access an operator or a line. But in doing so, remember that your corporate coffers will also have to be accessed to pay off the often incredulous hotel surcharges. International Subscriber Dialing (ISD) is available from the gold phones found in post offices, airports and hotel lobbies. Australian telephone books list all information regarding rates, charges and codes. Economy rates happen between 6p.m. and 8a.m., Saturday to Monday, and between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. daily.

Pay Phones
Public phones are colored red, gold, green, or blue. Red phones are for local calls only. Green, gold, and blue phones support International Direct Dialing (IDD) and Subscriber Trunk Dial (STD) services. The minimum cost of a local call is 30c.

Calling Cards
Cards are available at newsstands, supermarkets, and drugstores, and can be purchased in $5, $10, or $20 increments. Credit card phones, taking most major credit cards, are available at airports, city center locations, and most major hotels.

Cell Phones
Australia has several cellular phone providers in the digital GSM format. Optus Mobile Pty Ltd, Telstra, Vodafone Pty. Ltd all fall into this category. Check with your cellular phone service provider to find out if a roaming agreement can be set up with one of these companies.

International direct dial access 00
Directory Assistance 013 (local only); 0175
Time 1194
News 1199
Translation and Interpreting 13-1450
For fire, police, or ambulance, 000

Fax machines are available in most hotels and post offices, except in the outback where they may be difficult to find. The telephone system is excellent in Australia, and there should be no problem with the transmission.
Here are the “ins and outs” of visiting an Aussie brothel, from a first timer’s prospective:

Getting there
After you ring the bell and are granted entry, the hostess (madam) greets you and escorts you into the lounge or a waiting room.

Getting introduced

The madam always asks if you have been there before and lets you know how many ladies are on staff tonight, and will sometimes tell you the price structure for the half hour, three-quarter hour, and full hour. You either wait for the ladies to introduce themselves, or, if there is a lounge associated with the brothel, you can mingle with the ladies before making your selection. Don’t mingle too long, however, especially if it’s a busy night. In such cases, you are expected to make your choice within several minutes, or leave.

Waiting Room
In the waiting room set up, each girl is sent in and introduces herself with a stage name. She will often try to sell herself (literally) with special services only she can provide (for example, 2-girl lesbian fantasies, anal, mutual oral, etc.). After all the available ladies have met you, the hostess returns to ask you which one you have selected. Once you choose, you will be escorted by either the madam or the lady to a room. Don’t feel pressured here: be selective and go elsewhere if the ladies you meet don’t appeal to you.

Getting clean
Once inside the room, the lady asks you to drop your trousers for the short-arm inspection first off. Yes, fellas, that’s a Nevada-style dick check for STDs. After you pass muster (you will pass, won’t you?), the lady takes your drink order and your money to go book the party. After she leaves, hop in the shower and give yourself a good scrubbing, especially Captain Winkie.

Getting down to business
Your time doesn’t start until you have showered and the lady returns with your drink. At this point, she’ll get comfortable. The more accommodating ones may allow some initial cuddling or fondling. The more business-like ones will simply direct you onto the bed and ask what you want (French, Spanish, etc.). She may also suggest a massage, which could be a good way to warm up if you feel you need that, or you can just get down to the main event. For this, she’ll apply the condom, which she may have hidden in her mouth, and go to work, stopping shortly thereafter to ask you to tell her when you’re ready for intercourse. The number of positions allowed will vary with the lady.

Getting out
Once you’ve finished (and, hopefully, enjoyed yourself), you take a shower with the lady, get dressed, and get escorted out by either the madam or the lady herself. That’s pretty much it, except for a few pointers on behavior: don’t be drunk or disorderly, always be clean, don’t be insulting or ask personal questions, and always respect the lady’s boundaries.

The cost of commercial sex in Australia is reasonable, but is more expensive than that in nearby Thailand, New Zealand, or the Philippines. Prices range from $60 for a massage parlor "quickie" in some of the more remote areas to $5,000-plus for the poshest escorts. However, you can usually expect to pay from $120 to $250 for one hour of full service in a brothel or to an escort.

According to some customers, escorts are readily available, but the girls are usually less attractive and charge much more. We’ll let you decide that for yourself. A list below of escort companies in the "where" section is provided.

Massage Parlors
These places feature mainly Asian sex workers. They are quasi-legal, offering a "full body rub" service, also known as "rub and tug." It may not always be possible to negotiate full service with a girl once in the room, and it is best not to keep trying if refused. Check the daily classified section of the "Herald Sun" tabloid newspaper for names and addresses.
A list below is provided in the "where" section.

Strip Clubs
The two best ones are in Lonsdale Street, in the heart of the Melbourne Central Business District, on opposite street corners. Below in the "where" section are a few that are listed.

Street Scene
The St. Kilda area features streetwalkers, but they are usually unattractive and are often drug-addicted.

(BYO?) Bring Your Own? All sex providers should provide them, so there’s no need to bring your own. However, if you insist on doing so, keep the following in mind:
It may be easier if you see the same lady regularly. She's more likely to entertain the idea if she knows and trusts you.
She probably won't use yours unless they're in a sealed, unopened packet. Leave the shrink-wrap on. Don't be surprised if she says NO if you just whip a strip out of your pocket. Don't even bother with the one you keep in your wallet "just in case".
Certain brands taste awful (so I'm told). If you're seeing a lady regularly, ask which brand she prefers, then buy the requisite type (small/large/ultra thin, etc.) manufactured by that brand. DON'T buy any with Nonoxynol-9 - I've heard they taste particularly bad.
Even though they're cheaper to buy in bulk, buy them in smaller packs - you won't be able to use all of them in one session, so what do you do with the leftovers? If she's someone you see regularly, she might be willing to keep them aside for your own personal use, but otherwise what do you do with the 10 or so you don't use? (It will look pretty suspicious at home if someone finds your cache of half-used condom packets.) And don’t even think about engaging in commercial sex without using them.
  Legal Age
The minimum age for a woman engaged in commercial sex services is 18.


Melbourne has about 75 legal brothels. Girls in the best places are attractive, with some real lookers available. Those with good reputations include Daily Planet and Top of the Town. The system in these brothels is to charge half the price as you entered the establishment and the balance when you made your choice. You then take your time to make a decision but if you leave without choosing a girl, you lose your deposit, but you can use the voucher on a return visit. Prices in the more remote brothels drops to around $150 per hour but quality on all levels also drops. Check the daily classified section of the "Herald Sun" tabloid newspaper for names and addresses.

Prices generally are $180-200/hour, with everything included:
mutual massage, oral, 69, and straight sex.


Top Of The Town
516-518 Flinders St. Melbourne City
03 9614 1414
Large and in heart of CBD, 8-20 girls per shift, can be expensive, must pay half up front before meeting ladies.

The Daily Planet
9 Horne St. Elsternwick
03 9528-1766
Offers a menu, with "extras" including "kissing", "toys" and "fantasies."
Largest of its type, 8-25 girls per shift, can be expensive, must pay half up front before meeting ladies.

Dryburg Street
112 Dryburg St., North Melbourne
03 9329-2424
Small terrace house, good reputation, rear entrance, 4-8 girls per shift, good prices, professional

Gotham City
70-74 Clarke Street, South Melbourne
03 9699-9269
New place, large building, nice rooms, pricey.
Website: www.gotham-city.com.au

The Main Course (TMC)
58 Dudley St, West Melbourne. Melbourne City Central, just of King Street. Opposite large gardens
(03) 9329-1000
Famous for providing services that you can't get elsewhere, usually at no extra cost or for a small additional fee ($20-$50). Ladies here are more famous for "forbidden" services rather than for stunning looks. Receptionists are generally helpful. During the day, there are 4-8 ladies on staff, and 15 or more during nights and weekends. Due to limited space, it's a free-for-all with intros taking place in the hallways, stairwells, etc.

30 mins - $105
45 mins - $155
60 mins - $210
120 mins - $420

466 City Rd South
Clean rooms, more exotic girls, more upmarket than ToT.
$120 per 30 minutes, credit cards accepted.

Southgate International
466 City Rd., South Melbourne
03 9696-0688
Full Service at night, massage during day, 3-7 girls per shift Front entrance, clean rooms, more exotic girls (Asians), more upmarket than ToT. A$120 per 30 minutes, credit cards accepted.

The Boardroom
53 Market St
South Melbourne
(03) 9699 1711
Security door, ring the bell. You can stay for 15 minutes,
then you have to either choose a girl or leave.
15-20 attractive women usually available $150 per 30 minutes.

Harem International
55 Park St., South Melbourne
Small shop front, discreet rear entrance, 3-8 girls per shift wearing harem girl outfits, average prices.

Club 77
77 Racecourse Road, North Melbourne
03 9326-5933

Club 234
03 9427-1447
2-4 girls during day, 2-8 at night, VERY pricey, must pay half at desk before you can meet girls

Exclusively Yours
7 Park St
South Melbourne (03) 9696 6913. PCA 92B. $120 per 30 minutes, credit cards accepted.
A$120 per 30 minutes, credit cards accepted. Mainly Asians. Rear parking/entrance.

58 Dudley Street, West Melbourne
03 9329-1000
Average prices, 6-15 girls per shift, very busy

Around Melbourne:
Prices in the more remote brothels drops to around $A150 per hour but quality on all levels also drops. Check the daily classified section of the "Herald Sun" tabloid newspaper for names and addresses. Here's a list of brothels in the vicinity of Melbourne and the state of Victoria.

Ladies for Gentlemen (LFG)
429 Punt Road, Richmond (enter from laneway behind main building)
(03) 9429-8242
Website: www.4adults.com.au /
LFG is known for providing bang for the buck service. Most ladies provide a GFE with tongue kissing, mutual oral, and lots of TLC at generally at no extra cost. The establishment is a renovated terrace-style house with 8 or 9 rooms and usually 4 to 8 ladies on shift. Friendly and helpful receptionists answer questions, recommend ladies, and stand behind those recommendations. If you do have a complaint about the service, speak up; you may receive a full half hour at no cost.
LFG works mostly on a booking basis to maintain anonymity. All intros are done in complete privacy. LFG also offers a membership system with your 10th booking free, a discount for your next visit based on random vouchers handed out after each booking, and a corporate card which offers 25% discounts for an entire year.

Straight service
30mins - $130
45min - $175
60mins - $220
90mins - $330
Straight twin
30 mins - $260
45mins - $350
60mins - $440
90mins - $660

30 mins - $320
45mins - $410
60mins - $480
90mins - $700

  417 Brunswick St., Fitzroy
Very public front door (Brunswick St). Spacious, but a bit rundown.
Friendly ladies, mostly Asian. Some very attractive. $105 per hour, credit cards accepted.
Brothels in the vicinity of Melbourne and the state of Victoria
43 Magic
43 Tope St, South Melbourne.
(03) 9690 0263. PCA 226BE
Ladies For Gentlemen
339 Punt Road, Richmond.
(03) 9429 8242. PCA 106B
Planet Girls
3 Fleet St., Somerton
03 9308 6268

554 on Swanston St., Carlton
03 9347 6000
1-4 girls special $88 30min),

59 York St, South Melbourne.
(03) 9690 5977. PCA 177BE
Purple Garden
34 Werner Street, Huntingdale
03 9563-2982
556 on Swanston St., Carlton
03 9347 1001
1-4 girls day special $88 30min)
Le Boudoir
81 Rokeby St., Collingwood
03 9415 8055
Industrial area, 2-5 girls
Presidential Suite
45 Keppler Street, Seaford
03 9775-0880
Bambra Studio
Glenhuntly Road Caulfield
(03) 9563-6221
3-5 girls, every 10 girls one free
Leslie Crt.
3 Leslie Crt., Burwood
03 9808-5866
71-73 Colebrook St, Brunswick.
(03) 9382 6682. PCA 403B
18 Albemarle St, Williamstown.
(03) 9885 0501. PCA 371B
Lorraine Starr
201 Malop St, Geelong.
(052) 299 456. PCA 228B

The Scarlet Lady
4 Drummett Crs. Clifton Hill
03 9489 0200 3-6 girls

Black Opal
12 Dandenong Street, Dandenong.
(03) 9792 3008. PCA 194BE
8 Yiannis Crt., Springvale
03 9574 5322
Southern Comfort
16 Citrus St., Breaside
03 9588-0743
Blue Kristal
16 Greens Rd, Dandenong.
(03) 9793 3902. PCA 186BE
Maison D'Amour
33 Graham Rd., Clayton South
03 9547 0275
Southside X
1 Joel Court, Moorabbin.
(03) 9532 2666. PCA 183B
Blue Rose
26 Rhur St, Dandenong
03 9793-5289
857 Glenhuntly Road, Glenhuntly.
(03) 9528 4521. PCA 139B
Spellbound Experience
9 Darbyshire St., Williamstown
03 9399 1633
100 Johnson Street, Collingwood
03 9416 0099
3-5 girls
142 Bridge St, Keysborough.
(03) 9698 8615. PCA 182B
Sweet Secrets
38 Westminister St Oakleigh South
03 9569 5937 cheap 4-8 girls
11 King St, Blackburn.
(03) 9878 0085. PCA 134B
Men's Club
39 Tope St, South Melbourne.
(03) 9690 8969. PCA 225B
42-44 Cromer St, North Sunshine.
(03) 9366 6444. PCA 243BE
Caesar's Retreat
53 Nepean Highway, Elsternwick.
(03) 9528 6969. PCA 236B
169A Malop St, Geelong.
(052) 291 335. PCA 146B
Tender Touch
122 Dynon Rd., Kensington
03 9376 2666 2-6 girls
California Club
30A St Kilda Road, St Kilda.
(03) 9529 4727. PCA 219B
7 Heversham Drive, Seaford.
(03) 9782 4299. PCA 141B
The Duchess
7 Duke St, Collingwood.
(03) 9427 9260. PCA 86B
Club 417
417 Brunswick Street, Brunswick
03 9419-3222
Naughty Times
1309 North Rd, Huntingdale.
(03) 9544 4433. PCA 109B
The Grosvenor
59-63 Rupert St, Collingwood.
(03) 9417 6004. PCA 232B
3-8 girls
Club 857
859 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield
03 9523 8555 3-6 girls
New Palace
31 Aster Avenue, Carrum Downs
03 9775-0502
The Hot Spot
5 Truck City Drv., Campellfield
03 9308 7878
Club Keys
67 Keys Road, Moorabbin
03 9555-8100 Industrial area,
386 Smith St., Collingwood
03 9415 7266
The New Club Vegas
33 Graham Rd, Clayton.
(03) 9547 0275. PCA 226B
Club NT
1309 North Road, Huntingdale
03 9544-9495
Girls and transvestites, good prices
No. 4 Yarra Street
4 Yarra Street, South Yarra.
98261967 or 98270405 PCA 165B
Girls and transvestites
The Nook
2 The Nook, Bayswater.
(03) 9729 2127. PCA 77B
Cromwell Heights
62-70 Cromwell Street, Collingwood.
(03) 9419 0144. PCA 176B 3-6 girls
Naughty Times
1309 North Rd, Huntingdale.
(03) 9544 4433. PCA 109B
The Oasis of the North
94 Trawalla Ave,
Thomastown. (03) 9359 9408. PCA 142B
Cromwell Heights
62-70 Cromwell Street Collingwood.
(03) 9419 0144. PCA 176B
New Palace
31 Aster Avenue, Carrum Downs
03 9775-0502
Ultimates of North Shore
4 Seaside Pde, North Shore,
Geelong. (03) 5278 6111. PCA
Cuddle Inn
23 Hume Street, Huntingdale.
(03) 9544 3972. PCA 164B
386 Smith St., Collingwood
03 9415 7266
Ultimate Magic
623 Hawthorn Road, East Brigton
03 9576-9100
Fantasy Dreams
10 Graham St, Clayton.
(03) 9546 8896. PCA 353
No. 4 Yarra Street
4 Yarra Street, South Yarra.
98261967 or 98270405 PCA 165B
Girls and transvestites
Westminister Secrets
38 Westminister St., Oakleigh S.
03 9568 2362
cheap 4-8 girls
French Saturn
4 / 12 Mosrael Place, Rowville
03 9764-2100
Palace Playmates
31 Wells Rd, Seaford.
(03) 9786 7222. PCA 99BE
Get Into Mischief
7 Heversham Drv., Seaford
03 9782 4299
Pink Palace
8 Palmerston Crs., South Melbourne
03 9699 9974
Large pink building, 4-10 girls
Ji Li 482 Geelong Rd West
(03) 9314 8294. PCA 83B
Pinkwood Lodge
120 Lygon Street, Brunswick
03 9380-1246

Escorts in the vicinity of Melbourne
According to some customers, escorts are readily available, but the girls are usually less attractive and charge much more. We'll let you decide that for yourself.
Angel Eyes
(03) 9532 9011. PCA 240E
Gillian Private
0414 592-453
Paramour Agency
03 9654-6011
Abbey & Laura
Private 0414 799-773
Global Escorts Agency
03 9646-6060
Paramour of Collins Street
(03) 9654 6011. PCA 113E
Abigails Agency
03 9820-1782
Graduates Agency
03 9482-3333
Paris Classy Escort Private
03 9449-3156 0413 420 028
Active Babe Private
Hannah Private
0400 253 449
Private couple Private
03 9495-0198 0403 693-808
Alison Private
0404 893-169
Honey's Agency
03 9770-7177
Peninsula Girls
(03) 9782 4038. PCA 74E
All Night Escorts
Agency 03 967-3518
(03) 9770 1400. PCA 88E
Private lady Private
03 9585-7890
Beautiful Private
0408 172-884
(03) 9775 1606. PCA 72BE

Quality Escorts
(03) 9318 5544. PCA 122E

Bella Private Transexual
0412 099-691
Jaqueline Private
0421 436-278
Quality Ladies Agency
03 9848-8500
Bisexual Girl Private
03 9397-0347

Jody Private
0417 876-215

Rachael Private
03 9533-8773 0408 533-715
Busty Private
0404 132 229
Karly Private
0413 469-046 0413 469-046
Rubensque Lady Private
0407 680-361
Bridgett Private
03 9585-5995
Kay's Accent Mature Ladies
(03) 9428 0795. PCA 195E
RR Escorts Agency
03 9753-4055
Busty Beautie Agency
03 927-5314
Lace Models Agency
03 9521-3344
Sandy Private
0412 333-192
Carlee Private
0415 496-467
Le Club Royal Agency
03 9820-8555
Sasha and Simone Private
0401 854 428
Carol's Private
0408 663-540
Lisa & Tania
Private 0439 995 483
Seeking Pleasure
(03) 9386 2299. PCA 530E
Cathy Private
03 9509-1864
Maxines Agency
03 9699-2122 0415 772-171
Soraya Private
03 9752-6198 0417 520-080
Cher Private
03 9676-8104
Michelle Private
0415 834-554
Sweet hands Private
03 9579-0847 0403 112-807
Chrissy Private
0408 247630
Millionaires Club Agency
03 9529-2188
Tess Private
03 9755-1499 0409 192-787
Classy Busty Private
0408 081 132
Miss Sabrina Private
03 9361-2138 0404 137 616
Too Sexy Agency
03 9481-1744
Cloud 9
(03) 9427 0525. PCA 172E
Mistress Lilly Private
0401 437-706
Toni Private
0419 375-533
Elegant Bird Private
03 9848-7262
Models Agency
03 9867-6195
Toy Boy Club Private
0421 047-008
Elite Escorts Agency
03 9768-6699
Models Agency
03 9867-6195
Vanessa Private
03 9766-6304
Elly Private
0408 561-132
Molly Blue Private
0438 093-231
Vanessa Private
03 9360-5118
Expressions Agency
03 9775-321
Multinational Agency
03 9417-3516
Venus Visiting
(03) 9525 0569. PCA 89E
First Ladies Agency
03 9600-009
Natures Delights Agency
03 9383-1663
Vixen & Jacki Private
0408 743-703
Fly Girls Agency
03 9801-0622
Nicki Private
0401 295-011
Viollette Private Trans
0407 549-039
Former model Private
0415 300-939
Nicky's Private
0419 125-046
(03) 9866 2180. PCA 115E
Foxy Brown Private
0410 775-405

Massage Parlors which feature Asian sex workers

03 9397-0347
Offers both massage & full service
Massage centre
03 9585-7890
Relaxation Specialists
Malvern 03 9500-1310
good rep, good prices, 3 girls
A & C Relaxation
03 9533-7131
Massage centre
East Brighton
03 9505-0138
Relaxation Therapy
03 9512-4009
Allure Studio Moonee Ponds
03 9318-1656
Small house with 2-3 girls per shift
Massage centre
03 9579-7892
Relaxation Therapy
03 9791-4314
Ambers Coburg
03 9383-5294
All Australian/European ladies
Massage centre
03 9544-9495
1-3 girls
Relaxation Therapy
CBD - City
03 9662-4804
03 9527-8788
Massage centre
Albert Park
03 9686-3783
Relaxation Therapy
03 9724-9598
Beautiful Relaxation Massage
Albert Park
03 9686-3783
Massage centr
03 9540-8086
Relaxation Therapy
03 9772-1678
Best Private
Williamstown 03
Offers both massage & full service
Massage centre
03 9502-8688
Relaxing Therapy
CBD - City
0408 508-899
Bodyline Williamstown
03 9314-6551
Biggest 8-12 girls, pricey
Massage centre
03 9569-1096
Relaxing Therapy
03 9886-9859
Bodylinx Footscray
03 9689-4369
Good rep, pricey, 3-5 girls
Natural Relaxation
03 9803-8731
Room 2 Groom King St., City,
03 9621-1000
2 girls, good prices, by appointment
21 Thomas St Yarraville,
(03) 9314 6551
No 1 Relaxation Therapy
03 9876-9503
Spoilers Relaxation Centre
(03) 9879 7900
Dee's Relaxation
Glenroy 03 9306-3236
1 Girl by appointment
Nude Body Rub
(03) 9708 0827
Stephanie CBD- City
1 girl, leave msg calls back for appointment 0403 777 075
Fingertip Massage (Asian)
Richmond 03 9421-4668
1-2 girls
NT Club Relaxation Therapy
(03) 9544 9495
Susan's Elwood
03 9525-7999
1 lady, by appointment only
Feelgood Relaxation Collingwood
03 9419-5099 (Asian)
Oriental theme, 2-4 girls

Oasis Richmond 03 9421-0088
Near Ricmond train station
1-3 girls pricey

Tender Touch
122 Dynon Road, Kensington
(03) 9376-2666
Full body massage
03 9813-8052
Purple Garden
03 9563-2982
T & Z Relaxation Therapy
03 9504-3278
Majenta South Yarra
03 9527-9508
1 Girl, by appointment only
Quality Natural Therapy
03 9841-6088
The Body Rub Center
100 Johnston Street, Collingwood
(03) 9416-2051
Malvern Relaxation Therapy
(03) 9885 3790
Relax Williamstown
03 9398-0366
Offers massage services
Tracey Murrumbeena
03 9504-3694
1 lady, by appointment
Massage centre
03 9548-5828
Relaxtion Centre
149a Cowper Street Footscray
(03) 9689-4369
Ultimate Swedish Union Grove
03 9822-0837
2-3 girls, good prices
Massage Centre
03 9772-1678
Relaxation massage
CBD - City
03 9326-9980

Swing Clubs
Club Gemini
0418 148 227
Hours: Fri and Sat night 9pm-1am, one weekday afternoon per week from 12 noon till 3pm. Couples and Singles welcome. Features both daytime and nightime parties, where one can play pool, watch naughty movies or live out fantasies in our open or private 'theme rooms'. The only Club in Melbourne where you don't have to remove your clothing or change on entry. You only remove your clothing when and if you choose to do so.

Club Noveau
03 9533-1359

03 9593-9800

Strip Clubs
The Men's Gallery
Lonsdale Street, in the heart of the Melbourne Central Business District, on opposite street corners.
Cover charge about $15. Look for a free entry coupon in the Melbourne tourist guide books provided at the front counter of most of the larger hotels. Lap dances: $20 to $30. Private dances: $50. The girls can touch you, but you can't touch them. Upstairs features a cabaret area with elaborate stage shows.

Lonsdale Street, in the heart of the Melbourne Central Business District, on opposite street corners.
Prices are similar. Consists of a number of bar/stage areas that customers can wander through.

Other Strip Clubs

Bar 20
03 9629-4684
Diamond Club
03 9629- 9633
Sante Fe Gold
03 9654 7034
Club Striptease
03 9421-0105
03 9532-8777
Southern Comfort
03 9588-0743


Some of the best (and most expensive) are:

A Touch of Class
A touch of class is probably one of Sydney's oldest establishments and is spread over four large terrace houses each one with special Fantasy decor. Close to the city centre and open 24 hours. In the 70's & 80's this place was the number 1 brothel in Sydney and used to boast the most stunning ladies in Sydney.
377 Riley St, Surry Hills. 2km from the CBD.
Phone Number : 02-9212-2646 international 61-2-9212-2646
Cost : $220 per hour

A Woman of Pleasure (possibly the brothel in Sydney)
Currently offering outcalls only, as they be will re-opening at a new location shortly. 02 9358 1726 (Local), +61 2 9358 1726 (International) Website Rates: $250 for one hour and $220 for any subsequent hour(s)

Black Cat
They own Impressions next door (massage). Basic looking decor, they attract some very stunning girls.
479 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills. 2km from the CBD. (CBD).
Phone Number : 02- international 61-2-9699-1366 international 61-2-9699-1366
Cost : $ 180 per hour

On north shore of sydney,minutes by Taxi from the CBD. Smaller house has been in existence for 26 years, attractive ladies who know how to please.
81A Willoughby rd, Crows Nest. 6km from the CBD. (CBD).
Phone Number : 02-9439-7262 international 61-2-9439-7262
Cost : $200 per hour

Golden Apple - The golden Apple comprises a large double terrace house with spa rooms. Situated in Kings Cross close to the night life and a stroll from the city centre. There has been a few complaints that the girls that appear in their ads are not at the premises.
Location : 169 Victoria St, Potts Point. 2km from the CBD.
Phone Number : 02-9357-2555 international 61-2-9357-2555
Cost : $240 per hour

La Petite Aroma
on Sydney's exclusive north shore, caters to local businessmen and oversees guests. Large selection of ladies.
26 Railway st, Chatswood. 10km from the CBD. (CBD).
Phone Number : 02-9419-5590 international 61-2-9419-5590
Cost : $200 per hour

Medium sized brothel in a very large terrace house in Paddington. Has good reputation of providing good looking babes at reasonable price.
535 Glenmore rd , Edgcliff. 3 kms from CBD. 1km from kings cross
Phone Number : 02-9328-1127 international 61-2-9328-1127
Cost : $ 180 per hour

99 Albion St, Surry Hills
Open daily from 11 am to 5 am, including public holidays. (02) 9212 1195 or (02) 9211 3804. Website
Rates: $400 for 2 hrs., $250 for 1 hr., and $150 for 30 mins.

The Gateway Club
5 mins from the city. luxury rooms. Women are introduced in a bar room setting where they mingle with guests.
474 Parramattat Rd, Petersham. 5km west of the Central Business District (CBD).
Phone Number : 02-9560-8066 international 61-2-9560-8066
Cost : $225 per hour

The Paradise Centre
Asian place, specializes in BBBJ ,price steep however BBBJ is included. Clean and new, 10 rooms
359 riley st, Surry Hills 2010. 2 km from CBD.
Cost : $ 240 per hour

The Penthouse
Lower Ground Floor at 250 Pitt Street, in the heart of Sydney's CBD, near the Sydney Hilton Hotel and just a short distance from Sydney Town Hall. Open 24/7. (02) 9264-6610 (Local), 612-9264-6610 (International). Expensive (rates similar to Tiffany's), clean, great service, model-type young women.

The Townhouse
223 Commonwealth

Tudor Court
One of 2 of the largest houses in Kings Cross. In a large Victorian Mansion close to all the night life. Complaints that girls appearing in ads are not available.
3 Tusculum St, Potts Point. 2km from the CBD.
Phone Number : 02-9357-1257 international 61-2-9357-1257
Cost : $240 per hour

Suburbs offer an alternative to the higher priced city establishments
9412 2601
9907 3290
East Sydney
9358 2777
Bondi Junction
9389 7700
Raptures Resort
9831 1461
Angels Touch
Dulwich Hill
9564 1171
Black Cat
9699 1366
Classiques Secrets
Kings Cross
9357 1534
Heaven Can Wait
9477 6739
Studio 3
9725 6400
Asian Beauties
9699 6818
Butterfly Studio
9726 5995
Cleo's of Harris Park
Harris Park
9633 4433
9599 0578
Toyko House
Surry Hills
9310 4555
Asian Haven
9716 0522
Cathay Studio
9569 3603
Crows Nest
9436 1431
High Society
9331 2900
Touch of Class
Surry Hills
9212 2646
Asian Supermodels
9326 9387
Cecilla's House
9907 4343
Executive Retreat
9763 1900
Jingle Bells
Wetherwill Park
9759 1110
Tudor Court
Potts Point
9380 9721
Baton Rouge
Tavern Point
9540 9611
The Manors
9905 3315
Fallen Angels
9557 9252
Le Petite Aroma
9419 5590
Vamps International
Surry Hills
9319 5177
Beauty of Asia
9585 1676
Chics of Blacktown
9622 9388
Gateway Club
9560 8066
Maggie's Place
Kings Cross
9357 1125
Victoria Secrets
9412 2601
Beauty of Asia
Five Dock
9713 9378
City Rose
Hurstville (near railway)
cheap, clean, selection
Golden Apple
Potts Point
9357 2555
9897 0701
VIP Hostess Service
9904 8092
Best Ladies
9419 5590
Sorrell St, N. Parramatta
cheap, clean, selection
Golden Garter
9726 7932
9546 7477
For information, check the Yellow Pages under "Escort Services" or "Massage." Also, see the publications "The Daily Telegraph" or G'day Sydney" (also called "Naughty Sydney"). The going rate usually begins at $155 for services plus $20 for cabfare (standard for agencies), and can go way up from there. No game playing, rushing, or shorting time. The quoted price is for "full service" and no tipping is expected. BBBJ is often standard. Women often range from fairly attractive to beautiful.

Catwalk Elite - Location : Pitt St Sydney & Surry Hills. (CBD).
Phone Number : 02-9280-3883 international 61-2-9280-3883
Cost : $250 per hour as a guide to starting price.
Web Site : http://www.catwalk.com.au

Charmed Escorts
8504 2217 (limited hours 6pm - 10pm)

Golden Apple
In Kings Cross, large establishment offers a large selection of ladies
Victoria St, Potts Point. 2km from the CBD.
Phone Number : 02-9357-2555 international 61-2-9357-2555
Cost : $200 per hour

Perfection Escorts
(02) 9907 8777
$500 - 3,000 hr, depending on lady, plus $30 drivers’ fee

Oriental Escorts

Ruby Rouge
Good escort agency with good reputation in Sydney.
Rose Bay, Sydney. 8km from the CBD. (CBD).
Phone Number : 02-9264-8233 international 61-2-9264-8233
Cost : $200 per hour

The Gateway Club
Large establishment, 5 mins from the city centre.
Parramattat Rd, Petersham. 5km west of the Central Business District (CBD).
Phone Number : 02-9560-8066 international 61-2-9560-8066
Cost : $225 per hour

Massage Parlors
Sydney's best and most expensive is

5 Falcon Street
02 9966 8686.
This establishment features a massage technique called the "bodyslide." Rates range from $85 for a 30-minute session with one lady to $540 for a 1.5-hour session with 2 ladies and a bisexual show. ESPs Website also includes contact information for a number of hotels in the immediate area.
Less expensive massage only places with complementary handjob finish.
$60 for 30-40 minutes. Try Cloud 9, near the Central Railway Station.
113 Great North Rd
(back entry in Thomas Lane)
Five Dock
(02) 9708 5600
2 Roberts
St. Rozelle 02-9818-6915
Asians $95hr
35 Vernon St, Bondi
(02) 9369 4099 $110hr
Cathay Studio
(02) 9569-3603
Riverwood Massage
(02) 9584 2792
116 Hampden Road
9415 3829
79 Goulburn St, Sydney. CBD
02-9212-5152 $70hr Asian
Sensual Massages
(02) 6761 2919
Asian Spoilers
9729 3128
City 3000 Touch & Care
133 Bathurst St
Sydney 9264 2767
Sensuality Studio
1/40 Wattle Rd Brookvale
02 9905 4180
AT Five Dock
Asian Ladies
9713 6986
475 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills
(02) 9699 1544 $110hr til 2am
Sirs Massage Centre
Level1, 355 Kent St, Sydney
02-9299-7771 $150hr
Balmain Body Care
9555 9368
Kings Court Broadway City
60min $145 plus $20 fee
spa extr$35.00
126 Willoughby Rd. Crows Nest
02 9906 2799 $120hr til 4am
Beauty Of Asia
9/34 East St
Five Dock 9713 9378
Le Meridan Therapies
(02) 9356 2359
Studio 69
18a Lawrence Street Harbord
02 9905 0565
Bellevue Five Star
(02) 9547 0999
Marilyn's Spa & Sauna Centre
Rear 86 Ware St Fairfield
9724 3593
Studio 59
59 Great North Rd Five Dock
02 9712 5680
Blue Dolphin Massage
(02) 4262 0255
29 Newland St Bondi Junction.
Unique Massage
Suite 2, 6A Gray St, Bondi
02 389 8263 $110hr no sex
Bodies Beautiful At Montana's
(02) 9588 6866
108a Ebley St. Bondi Junction
9369 5077
Zanadu Health Asian
248 Pitt St , Sydney. CBD
02-9283-5888 $70hr
(02) 9798 6244

244 Oxford St Paddington
9360 3916

More see* below

*More Massage check the Yellow Pages under "Escort Seres" or "Massage." Also, see the publications "The Daily Telegraph" or G'DAY SYDNEY" (also called "NAUGHTY SYDNEY").

Strip Clubs

Mens Gallery
In the heart of the CBD and has the most beautiful dancers. "table top" setting, topless on stage, full nudity in private shows and VIP rooms.. Open late.
92 Pitt St, Sydney. CBD
02-9232-1800 international 61-2-9232-1800
$15 entrance fee

Dancers Caberet
Same owner as Mens Gallery
36-38 Bayswater Rd, Kings Cross. 2km from CBD
02-9368-0488 international 61-2-9368-0488
$15 entrance fee

The Governors Pleasure
Executive dining, stunning lingerie waitresses and sexy erotic shows. Bookings essential.
90 Esrkine St, Sydney. CBD
02-9290-2947 international 61-2-9290-2947

Models Cabaret
Kings Cross , this club does show full nudity on stage
39-43 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross. 2 km from the CBD.
02-9331-0836 international 61-2-9331-0836
$10 entrance

Street Scene
It's best to avoid streetwalkers altogether, for health and legal reasons, but steer particularly clear of the Canterbury Rd. area at Padstow/Bankstown and the train station in Blacktown. The King's Cross area is full of touts and rip-offs, interesting to see, but don't make a special trip.

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
There are registered brothels located in the Commercial-Light Industrial suburbs of Fyshwick (11 brothels) and Mitchell (5 brothels). Taxis are your best bet from getting from your hotel to the brothels. There are also private ladies operating with a range of either outcall (to your hotel or home) or incall service from their homes or specially rented flats.

Prices are typically in the range of $80-90 (30 mins.) to $130-$180 per hour. The selection method in most establishments is that there are 2 or 3 meeting rooms where the workers will individually enter and introduce themselves.
Service ranges from lazy to excellent. You have to try and judge the girl by your short introduction. If there's none you prefer then tell the receptionist you might come back (see knows your going to look in other studios) be pleasant and you will be quite welcome to come back if on reflection you desire on of their ladies. Shop around, get the feel, then enjoy.

Massage Parlors, Studios, Escort Services

Fyshwyck Prices in Austrailian Dollar
1 Geelong St. Fyshwick
02 6280 0162. $180/hr.

$110 30 mins. 4-6 girls

Golden Apple
5 rooms (communal spa)
Studio 108
New owners, desirable ladies
Chrisindy's Adult Massage Studio
7A Kembla Street.
Fyshwick (02) 6280-7578
MiMi Club
Lyall Street, Fyshwyck
$100 30min $150 1hr. Asians, Vietnamese.
$140/hr + fantasies charges
Club 77
Fyshwick $150/hr.
Chinese girls, some students
Monicas/Secret Desires
Fyshwick Indonesian, Thai, Philippine, Singapore girls $140/hr
Touch of Class
3-4 ladies
Club X
37 Northborne Ave
Civic (02) 6248 6141
Northside Studio / Paradise Escorts
Fyshwick Largest selection of ladies
$130/hr +$20 for spa.
Exotic Studio/ Cleopatras
Fyshwick $140/hr.
6-8 girls 4 rooms with spa.
Stork Club
4-8 girls
Club Goldfingers
6 rooms, high-class décor, theme rooms.
$180/hr. Sinsations Nightclub next door.
Pretty Woman
Aphrodites Palace

Mitchell Away from Mitchell brothels
harder to find.
Fortunes Palace
Private Engagements
Mitchell 4-7 girls Close to Sinsations Strip Club.
Penthouse/Club Labell
above Sinsations stripclub
  Home Workers
The daily "Canberra Times" classified advertisements "Adult Services" (see www.canberratimes.com.au Classifieds - Business Services) usually carries 6-12 contacts for private workers, either working from their home or visiting you, or available for either. The workers tend to be more mature (25-45) with past experience in brothel work. Some only work during school hours and others operate longer, evening hours. You book sight unseen, so you run a risk.

Strip Clubs

Downstairs from one brothel, another next door and three more in close proximity.
Open Thursday through Sunday nights. $10 door fee, tipping the dancers expected though not enforced. Tipping is by $5 notes. If you tip the ladies $5-$10 per set you will get good service. Three to 5 strippers on busier nights and most are quite attractive, age about 18-28. Drinks are about $3 per beer and there is definitely no touching or interaction with the ladies when not dancing. You can have an exciting evening there for about $40 to $50, and plenty of brothels close by.

Adelaide, South Australia

For escort services, try Stilettos (08-8272 4444), which also operates as Vixens (08-8357 9666).

Massage Parlors

Phoenix Sauna

(08) 8221 7002

Hyde Park Massage & Relaxation Centre
(08) 8373 2244

Eden Massage & Relaxation Centre
11 Fullarton Road, Kent Town
(08) 8363 2090

Brisbane, Queensland


(13 Wharf Street)
Can chat with the ladies prior, average "service."

Le Penthouse
(35 Wharf Street)
Attractive women, expensive."line up" introduction system.

Purely Blue

175 Abbottsford Road, Bowen Hills
Rates: $125 for 30 mins., $210 for one hour

The Club (Basalt Lane)
Can chat with the ladies before choosing.

Perth, Western Australia
Brothels in Western Australia remain illegal, but it's unlikely that you'll be hassled by law enforcement for visiting one. Prices in Perth vary greatly, depending on what you want and where you go. In general, expect to pay around $120 for half and $180 for full service. Most brothels have "quickie" rates (15 or 20 minutes) from $50-$70. Full service in Perth only includes massage, BJ and sex, unless the girl on the phone tells you different. Condom use is strictly enforced almost everywhere for both sex and BJ. Many girls offer other things like anal or French kissing, but anything outside the basics will cost you more in almost all cases. This extra money is always paid to the girl, not the house. The main areas are East Perth and Victoria Park (near the Casino).

Brothels/Massage Parlors

East Perth

56 Edward Street
$105 for 30 mins.
Better during the day (nice ladies, no rush)

La Cherie
near McIver train station
$110 for 30 mins.
Better at night, after 7 pm.

Victoria Park

Near the Casino
Daytime special $100 for 20 mins.

Club 181

181 Hay Street

West Perth
International Massage Center

(08) 9321 1129

Check the "West Australian" newspaper under the Personal column in the classifieds. Rates range from $140 for 30 mins. to $200 for one hour. One agency, "Ruby's," offers a 20 min. special for $99.

China Dolls
Specializing in Asian and African ladies
$200/hr. and up, fully inclusive
(08) 9361 4411

Street Scene
In a word - don’t! Soliciting streetwalkers here (known as "kerb crawling" in the local parlance) can get you a fine of up to $1,000 or a 2-year prison sentence.

Darwin, Northern Territory


Wildcat Escorts

Serving hotels only (24 hrs.)
Massage and hand relief $80, full service $200
8942 0200
Massage Parlors
City Massage
(08) 8981-2828
Healing Hands
31 Knuckey St
(08) 8941-3535
The Pleasure House
2 Harriet Pl
(08) 8981 4422
Complete Massage
(08) 8941-0610
  Hobart, Tasmania
There are at least three brothels in Hobart. They advertise in the daily paper. Since brothels are still technically illegal, you can't just walk in; you have to make an appointment on the phone.

A Woman of Pleasure, Hobart
(03) 6231 0002

Helpful Links
Escort Forum
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Escort agencies and brothels in Australia
Bring a camera to capture the natural sites and attractive cityscapes, but it may be difficult to capture an image of your courtesan, particularly if she's nude or in the midst of servicing you. Many sex workers have lives outside the brothel or escort agency, and don't want such images made public. Ask if you must, but expect to be turned down.
When you're not engaged in the carnal act, there are a lot of different ways to catch a thrill in Australia

Northern Territory's MacDonnell Ranges, South Australia's Flinders Ranges, New South Wales' Blue Mountains and Snowy Mountains (straddling the border with Victoria) and Tasmania's vast wilderness.

Skiing/Snow-Boarding Snowy Mountains

Along the Australian coast, some of them in the cities (Sydney and Perth), some in beach towns (Lorne in Victoria, Byron Bay in New South Wales and the Gold Coast in Queensland) and some in remote areas (the south-west of South Australia and the north-west of West Australia).

Queensland's Great Barrier Reef, diving spots include South Australia's Kangaroo Island (where there are several accessible shipwrecks) and West Australia's Esperance, Rottnest Island, and Carnarvon.

Eden in New South Wales, Warrnambool in Victoria, Albany in Western Australia and Frazer Island in Queensland.

Whitewater Rafting/Canoeing
Coffs Harbour on New South Wales' Nymboida River, on the upper Murray near Khancoban also in New South Wales; along Queensland's Tully and North Johnstone rivers between Townsville and Cairns; and in Tasmania.

Sydney is blessed with magnificent beaches both on the harbor and oceanside. Also, many beaches are delightfully topless.

Bondi Beach: Pronounced 'Bon-dye', this is Sydney's most glorious beach. It is a long strand of fine white sand in the otherwise ugly suburb of Bondi. On sunny weekend days, it gets crowded but the scenery is breathtaking. Walk from the north to the south end then carry on around the footpath that climbs up past the Bondi saltwater pool and around the headland to Tamarama Beach. Known by the locals as "Glamorama" because of the women it attracts, this is a more up- market spot favored by Bondi's yuppies.

Manly Beach: Take the Manly Ferry (30 minutes) or Jetcat (15 minutes) to Manly. Walk down the Corso to find this famous surfing beach. Less crowded than Bondi, it tends to attract a younger set.

Camp Cove: Beautiful white strip on the harbor side just north of Doyle's on Watson's Bay. Like Tamarama, this beach tends to be favored by more sophisticated Sydneysiders.

Start at the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) on George Street near the Town Hall subway station and shop your way down towards Circular Quay.

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