Location: Central America
Capital: Guatemala
Main Cities:Quezaltenango
Electical: 110AC Adaptors
Population: 10,322,000
Currency:1Quetzal =100 centavos
Language: Spanish
Religion:Catholic, Protestant


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As for general safety, though Guate has taken a beating for some years according to U.S. Gov't travel advisory and so forth. For the most part the people in this country are passive, and very open to travelers and tourist, with tourism actually standing out over the last several years as the country's leading industry. Just as anywhere in the world that is a tourist attraction, from time to time someone will be the victim of petty theft, and as every where someone will go where they should not and get themselves mugged, or start a fight in a back alley doing something stupid like looking for drugs and get themselves beat to shit or even shot. What's New? 
What to expect
For quality sex the girls are as good as anywhere. They are in the business, on the upper end, the private escorts, and show club girls, because they are very attractive Latin and Caribbean honey's and enjoy their work. Some, as women everywhere, have more fire than others.
Massage Parlor: You sit down in a nice living room and girls come out, sit down with you, and cuddle up. This old guy brings you a drink. If you don't stay, its Q20 for the drink, if you stay, the drink is on the house. These girls are THE BEST. They come from Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, and Nicaragua and they are beautiful. Two girls will cost between $150-180.

The back alley brothels are a different story. There is at least one of these places in every shit hole little village, with a curtain for a door, where men sit around drinking cheap liquor with mostly fat, ugly, pregnant chicks stuffed into spandex, spitting on the floor. It's a real Billy the kid sort of Mexican whore house scene where the girls are working to pay off family debts, hooked on drugs or booze, and only trying to sell over priced hot beer. It can be a very exciting experience if you really want to have a story to tell, but it ain't about getting's about saying "been there, done that." Of course it takes all kinds and some people go for that sort of thing. The point being this country, Guatemala, has it all for sex and adventure from the top rung of first class to the bottom of third world. As a whole the country is incredibly beautiful, the weather is perfect, the babes are young and hot, and the people are kind. 

Guatemalans come in all shapes and sizes. If you stick to the better clubs (more money) you are will see some quality stuff. These girls are hot and passionate as many Latins are. Women's Lib is outlawed here. They love to be treated as a lady and pampered. Guat women on the whole are not real big breasted.

For quality sex the girls are as good as anywhere. They are in the business, on the upper end, the private escorts, and show club girls, because they are very attractive Latin and Caribbean honey's and enjoy their work. Some, as women everywhere, have more fire than others.
Prices are very cheap (as anything else in Guatemala!), they vary from US$10 to US$90 - but whores will charge you for every hour (or every time you get off, whatever is first...). Be careful with the drinks there - they are very expensive when purchased for the whores (who will keep asking for one all night long!).
Don't use drugs in GT. There are strict penalties for this activity. Don't carry a gun or knife. You don't need them. Hire a good cab driver to take you around even the worst parts of town. Nobody will bother you as long as you are just looking for sex. You can get as drunk as you want, but don't even ask for drugs--this shit can get you killed or locked up in some very nasty places.
Don't bring or wear any valuable jewelry or imitations and carry only the amount of money you'll need for each day always in your money belt never in hand bags. At night don't walk if you don't know the area, take a taxi and always ask about places to avoid. Never try to pick up or to take pictures of children without the parents permission FIRST.

Best time
The dry season, December through April, is the best time to visit Guatemala. Along with summer holidays, however, this is also the busiest time. Although the rain may restrict some activities during the wet season, it's still worthwhile planning your trip for this time of year, particularly as you'll be more likely to pick up accommodation bargains. If you're planning to be in the area around Easter, try to be in Guatemala for Semana Santa (Holy Week), the highlight of the country's festival calendar.

A member writes: Guatemala City, with its high elevation can be cold. December, January, and part of February are the coldest months of year, and the temperature in the capital gets down to 8 degrees centigrade at night.. Daytimes are clear and sunny.



January 1 (New Years Day)
January 6 (Epiphany)
April 21-24(Easter)
May 1 (Labor Day)
June 30 (Anniversary of the Revolution)
August 15 (Assumption, Guatemala City only)
September 15 (Independence Day)
October 12 (Columbus Day)
October 20 (Revolution Day)
November 1 (All Saints Day)
December 24-25 (Christmas)
December 31 (New Years Eve)





How to
Flight Info
Major international airlines fly into Guatemala City and Flores. Most flights to the country pass through the North American hub cities of Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Houston, Mexico City or Miami. The departure tax is $30. Best flights are American airlines and Taca. American flies non-stop from Miami and Dallas I usually get a round trip with American from LA for $464. Check out the Travel Section for the latest airfares

What to Bring
Always try to travel light. If you do, you can move more quickly and will be more likely to have a free hand. You will also be less tired and less likely to set your luggage down, leaving it unattended.

Carry the minimum amount of valuables.
Plan a place or places to conceal your valuables. Your passport, cash and credit cards are most secure when locked in a hotel safe. When you have to carry them on your person, you may wish to conceal them in several places rather than putting them all in one wallet or pouch. Avoid hand bags, fanny packs and outsi
de pockets which are easy targets for thieves. Inside pockets and a sturdy shoulder bag with the strap worn across your chest are somewhat safer. One of the safest places to carry valuables is in a pouch or money belt worn under your clothing.

If you wear glasses, pack an extra pair. Bring them and any medicines you need in your carryon luggage.
Bring VISA travelers checks and one or two major credit/debit cards (VISA are better) instead of much cash.

Passport Photos
Pack an extra set of passport photos along with a photocopy of your passport information page to make replacement of your passport easier in the event it is lost or stolen.

Make two photocopies of your passport identification page, airline tickets, drivers license and the credit cards that you plan to bring with you. Leave one photocopy of this data with family or friends at home; pack the other in a place separate from where you carry your valuables.

Put your name, address and telephone numbers inside and outside of each piece of luggage. Use covered luggage tags to avoid casual observation of your identity or nationality and if possible, lock your luggage.

Telephone Calling Cards
Consider getting a telephone calling card. It is a convenient way of keeping in touch. If you have one from your country, verify that you can use it from Guatemala. Write the access numbers from Guatemala, usually U.S. operators are not easy to reach or are not totally free from Guatemala when you are using a pre pay calling card, only SPRINT and ATT work easy in Guatemala.

Your Itinerary
Leave a copy of your itinerary with family or friends at home in case they need to contact you in an emergency and use a web based e-mail, there is INTERNET cafes everywhere in Guatemala.

Travelers Cheques
Leave a copy of the serial numbers of your travelers checks with a friend or relative at home. Carry your copy with you in a separate place and, as you cash the checks, cross them off the list.

Learn The Language
Learn a few phrases in the local language so you can signal your need for help, the police, or a doctor. Make a note of emergency telephone numbers you may need: police, fire, your hotel, and your country nearest embassy or consulate.
Passports and Visas
Canadian and American citizens traveling to Guatemala do not require visas.
US Embassy Consulate: Avenida La Reforma 7-01 in Zone 10, Guatemala City. Telephone: (502) 331-1541.
Canadian Embassy Consulate: 13 Calle 8-44, Zona 10, Edyma Plaza, 8th floor, Guatemala City. Telephone: (502) 333-6102

To avoid problems when passing through customs, keep medicines in their original, labeled containers. Bring a copy of your prescriptions and the generic names for the drugs. If a medication is unusual or contains narcotics, carry a letter from your doctor attesting to your need to take the drug. If you have any doubt about the legality of carrying a certain drug into a country, consult the embassy or consulate first.

Payment Methods
Money changing is a big business in GT. Where is the best place to get your dollars into Q's? That depends on the time of the day, the exchange rate you want and the volume of the transaction. The street will give you the best rate, but it is riskier--you could get robbed, tricked, shortchanged, etc. The bank is a hassle--passports, metal detectors, etc. The private banks only deal in large amounts. The hotels offer low rates. Whatever you do, don't deal for sex with US dollars. The whorehouses offer the lowest rates in town and usually try to rip off gringos. The best thing is to get your Q's then go shopping for sex. Only take enough to pay for the cap driver, the screwing and some police tips. Don't flash your money to anyone, even the whore. They are all starving for quick cash. Although 99% of all GT people are honest, you may run into the 1% more often when you are buying sex services

Traveler Checks
US dollars or travelers check are the best currency to bring to Guatemala, and can be easily exchanged at banks or moneychangers. Credit cards are accepted at larger hotels, and cash advances are available at banks. ATM machines are common in the cities, but not elsewhere.
Money Exchange
Always change money at bank or hotel. Never on the streets. There is a bank at the airport that is open at the time the planes comes and leave, also a ATM machine that sells Quetzals or US Dollars can be find at the airport. Is a good idea to bring US$1 bills for tips and taxis.

Banks are open 8:30 to 6 pm weekdays and until 1 pm on Saturdays. Closed Sundays.

Credit Cards
Visa, Master Card. American Express in larger establishments.
How Much
Budget: US$5-30 Midrange: US$30-60 Top-end: US$60 and upwards.

10% is expected in larger establishments. In smaller restaurants tipping is optional.

Airport to Lodging
They are cheap. Don't pay more than $7 (35 quetzals) to get from the airport to Zone 10.
The safest mode of operation is to hire a taxi driver from one of the large hotels, get to know him. Hire him for the night to accompany you around to the various spots. He will park his car and go in with you--while you buy him a drink, of course. This situation avoids a lot of the trouble tourists get into--local police shake downs, military roadblocks, local thugs. Taxis are generally not stopped in the road blocks by the local authorities looking for tips or stolen cars or both. After about four or five of this trips, buy the cab driver a girl as a bonus for his help.
Guatemala City
Guatemala City
US$5-30 Midrange: US$30-60 Top-end: US$60 and upwards. The best hotels in Zona 10 run about 65-120 a night. If you want a large suite, go with Radissons Via Magna. For more upscale, there's a Camino Real. Also the Stoefella is fine. In Zone 1 you can get rooms for $20-35 but the area is a bit rough.

Hotel Ritz
Zona 1, $50USD per night. A very dangerous area to be in, especially at night. The Ritz is OK if you need to stay in Zone 1.

San Mari Apart Hotel
12 Calle "A", 3-38, Zone 1. Tel: (502)253-1474, 253-1537, 232-2294.. E-mail:
Nice, clean room with kitchenette (sink,frig,toaster oven and 2-burner hotplate), cable TV, phone, large safe in the closet with digital combination you select yourself and queen-size bed. Fan but no air-conditioning. Security guard 24/7 and a gated entrance. Also, there is a gated driveway so you can drive in and park your car. The owners name is Roberto. Lived in Jersey for many years and speaks English. There is no problem bringing in chicas and no extra charge but if she stays overnight there may be one. Mastercard won't work here. Close to shopping, restaurants, Central Park, Marketplace, etc. $30-45 a night. No party animals allowed here. Lots of families stay here. The Parque Central and Mercado Central are close by.

Ramada Conquistador Hotel
Via 5 4-68. Guatemala City, 01004. Phone: 502-3-31-22-22. Fax: 502-3-34-72-45

Holiday Inn
1a Ave 13 -22 Zona 10. Guatemala City.
Tel: +502 332 2555. Fax: +502 332 2567.

Motor Hotels
You drive up to them and they have a garage you drive into. The bedrooms are upstairs. There's a window where you go to and pay for drinks, food or whatever else you need. These little love shacks are safe, clean and very reasonably priced. Many Guat men use these places to spend some time with their girlfriends they have on the side. Take enough money as they lock you in these places.
Guatemalan food shares some similarities with Mexican cuisine, as both rely heavily on corn and beans, but there are many unique Guatemalan dishes. Subanik, a highly spiced dish made from chicken, beef, or pork, and jocon, chicken in green tomato sauce, are two local favorites. Beer is popular all over the country. Drink only bottled beverages.

Oddly, Chinese restaurants are unusually abundant, are inexpensive and are often very authentic. Guatemalan coffee is world famous. In the larger cities a rich grade is served. In the countryside, however, the drink will be a little watered down and not be as tasty. "Gallo" is a light beer that is popular with visitors but "Moza" is, a darker beer, preferred by the locals. Beware of something called "Quetzalteca" which is a real "firewater" that comes in a deceptively tiny bottle. With the profusion of sugar cane, rum is found everywhere and is usually quite good.

Budget Meals
US$2-5 Mid-range: US$5-15 Top-end: US$15 and upwards.


The food is good and cheap.

Los Sanchez Steak House

Great steakhouse. $12 USD.
The water you will find in hotels, in general in the Capital and departmental capital, is safe. But due to your particular micro flora we strongly recommend you to drink bottled water only.
Words and Phrases
Cuanto por sexo: How Much to fuck?
Sin perservativo:  Without a rubber
Yaaaa:  Stop already
Me duelle: That hurts
Que rico: That feels good
Guapa: Handsome
Mameme: Suck me
Coheme: Fuck me
Mas: More
Hasta manana: All night or until tomorrow. 
Quieres bilar: Do you want to dance?
Vamos a la playa: Let's go to the beach
Suave: Softly, gently
Mas duro: Harder, do it more, with more force. 
Puta: Whore
Tu Sales?:  Do you go out?--sex for money?
Salida: Exit.
Regla: Her period.

Safety on the Streets
Use the same common sense traveling overseas that you would at home. Be especially cautious in or avoid areas where you are likely to be victimized. These include crowded markets, bus stations, elevators, tourist sites, festivals and marginal areas of cities.

Do Not Travel By Night
If you are coming to Guatemala airport after 5:30 PM do not drive to Antigua, stay at Guatemala city, the same if you are taking a plane that leaves early in the morning and you want to take a early drive to the airport from Antigua....this is NOT a good idea since the sun comes out at 6AM. You better stay the night before in Guatemala city.

Don't use short cuts, narrow alleys or poorly-lit streets. Try not to travel alone at night and use a taxi after dark.

Avoid public demonstrations and other civil disturbances. Keep a low profile and avoid loud conversations or arguments. Do not discuss travel plans or other personal matters with strangers. Avoid scam artists. Beware of strangers who approach you, offering bargains or to be your guide.

Beware of pickpockets. They often have an accomplice who will jostle you, ask you for directions or the time, point to something spilled on your clothing, or distract you by creating a disturbance. A child or even a woman carrying a baby can be a pickpocket. Beware of groups of vagrant children who create a distraction while picking your pocket. Never leave your personal belongings unattended specially in the airport, hotel lobbies, markets or restaurants.

Very Important
If you are confronted, don't fight back. Give up your valuables. Your money and passport can be replaced, but you cannot.

Use only the authorized taxis, those clearly identified and take note of their number just in case you forget something. Or better, use our Posada Belen special safe airport pick up service ($10 to $15).

Always try to carry a legalized photocopy of your passport, showing your photograph and the date you entered the country. Leave the original in the safety deposit box of the hotel and try to register it at your consulate.

Important Documents
Keep your airline ticket, important documents (better yet leave them at your hotel's safe box during all your trip, is VERY expensive to solve a loss ticket problem, get a photocopy or better buy a electronic ticket trough INTERNET here), leave extra cash and travel checks in the hotel safety box and only carry them in a travel belt or chest safety bag NEVER in a hand bag or your luggage, big travel checks ($500+) or NON US money are VERY difficult to change. Write the numbers of your travel checks (VISA brand Travel Checks and Credit Cards are better accepted) bring the original purchase receipt and credit cards in a separate safe place along with the important phone numbers to be used in case of losses. About 10% of the luggage may also get delay for a day or two so is a good idea to have a hand bag with some spare.

Exchanging Money
Always change money at bank or hotel. Never on the streets. There is a bank at the airport that is usually open at the time the planes comes and leaves, also a ATM machine that sells Quetzals or US Dollars can be find at the airport. Is a very good idea to bring several 1$US bills for tips and taxis. (The last ones never have change and they may usually suggest you hotels where they get the biggest commission, so always check the Posada Belen before you believe them)

Don't bring or wear any valuable jewelry or imitations and carry only the amount of money you'll need for each day, always in your money belt never in hand bags. At night don't walk if you don't know the area, take a taxi and always ask first about places to avoid.

Don't use drugs in GT. There are strict penalties for this activity.
Watch out for pickpockets and purse-snatchers in all major cities and tourist sites, especially the central market and other parts of Zone 1 in Guatemala City. In 2001, criminals have sprayed mustard on their victim's clothes and then attempted to rob them as they "helped" clean up the mess. The lower numbered Zone areas have the most crime.

Hotel security is an important concern. The U.S. Embassy does not allow Peace Corps volunteers to stay in hotels in Zone 1 and urges private travelers to avoid lodging in this area.

Public Transportation
Avoid low-priced intercity buses (recycled U.S. school buses known as "chicken buses"), which are a haven for criminals and susceptible to accidents. Use modern intercity buses instead.
Do not hail taxis on the street, but use dispatched taxis or taxis from major hotels.
Try to avoid local buses in Guatemala City. They are overcrowded and harbor criminals

Be alert for carjackers. Expensive sport utility vehicles have been targets on open roads, while Japanese sedans and pickups appear to be more at risk in the cities.
A full range of medical care is available in Guatemala City, but medical care outside the city is limited. Guatemala's public hospitals have experienced serious shortages of basic medicines and equipment. Care in private hospitals is generally adequate for most common illnesses and injuries.

Medical Insurance
The Department of State strongly urges Americans to consult with their medical insurance company prior to traveling abroad to confirm whether their policy applies overseas and whether it will cover emergency expenses such as a medical evacuation. U.S. medical insurance plans seldom cover health costs incurred outside the United States unless supplemental coverage is purchased. Further, U.S. Medicare and Medicaid programs do not provide payment for medical services outside the United States. However, many travel agents and private companies offer insurance plans that will cover health care expenses incurred overseas including emergency services such as medical evacuations.

When making a decision regarding health insurance, Americans should consider that many foreign doctors and hospitals require payment in cash prior to providing service and that a medical evacuation to the U.S. may cost well in excess of $50,000. Uninsured travelers who require medical care overseas often face extreme difficulties. When consulting with your insurer prior to your trip, ascertain whether payment will be made to the overseas healthcare provider or whether you will be reimbursed later for expenses you incur. Some insurance policies also include coverage for psychiatric treatment and for disposition of remains in the event of death.
Café Virtual
Gran Centro Los Próceres, zona 10,
Local 117 Abajo de El Duende
Tel: 502 3328027

Café InterNet
5 Avenida & 16 Calle Zona 10
Tel: (502) 337-4060

Hotel Holiday Inn La Av. 13-22 Zona 10.
Tel: 502-3322583
Cynermannia Tikal Futura
Tikal Futura Complex 2nd level
Tel: (502) 440-2739

Café Internet Vista Hermosa
2 calle 18-80 zona 15
Super Centro Vista Hermosa Local #9
Tel: (502) 369-6463
International country code: [502]
Selected city codes: Guatemala City (2), All other cities (9)

Dialing Guatemala from Overseas
To dial Guatemala from overseas, begin with your country's international dialing code, then 502 (the country code for Guatemala), then the city code, and finally the number. If you were dialing Guatemala City from the United States, for example, you would begin with 011, then 502, then 2 (the city code for Guatemala City), and finally the number of the person or office you were trying to reach.

Assistance Numbers
International Operator (English) 98
Local International Operator 171
Long Distance Operator 91
Operator 196
Guatemalan Operator (Spanish) 121
Information (Spanish) 124

Local Calls

All numbers should now have seven digits.

Long Distance Calls
There are no area codes with which to contend in Guatemala.

International Calls
Guatel runs the telephone system here, providing telecommunications offices in all towns for domestic and international calls. Once you announce your call along with pertinent information to the operator, wait for the clerk to announce your name and direct you to a booth. Pay upon exiting and expect large sums, sometimes up to US$25 for three minutes. However, hotels may plunge the dagger even further, with a possible 400 percent surcharge! Furthermore, the hotel operator may block efforts to reach the access number of one of the other long distance companies. An international operator may assist more readily; but if not, you can attempt to call your phone company directly. If all else fails, go to a pay phone. To call direct, dial 00 + country code + area code + number. Rates fall between 7p.m. and 7a.m. daily.

AT&T Direct phones exist at the airport and the Guatel office in Guatemala City. At other phones dial:
Canada 198
Italy 193
Spain 191
U.S. AT&T 190
U.S. MCI 189
U.S. Sprint 195
AT&T reminds callers that public phones require local coin payment through the call duration.

Public Telephones
Known as telefono monedero, public phones are few and far between, even in main towns. Those that do exist accept 10, 15 or 25-centavo coins. As unbelievable as it may sound, in this instance calling from a hotel is recommended even with a 400 percent surcharge due to a lack of better alternatives. Collect calls are possible from some public phones in the major towns, but only to Central America, Mexico, and the U.S.

Cellular users should be advised that Guatemala service runs on a NAMPS (narrowband analogue) system and operates in the 800MHz band. Comnicaciones Celulares operates the cellular service.

Faxes are prevalent, but the phone system still does not support them and they can be unreliable. It is best to call ahead and tell the person that you are sending a fax.
There are three venues of having and getting sex in Guatemala.
The chicas that go to the discos dress to impress and love to dance.
They love when an American asks them to dance.

Strip Clubs

Compared to the strip action you get in the US, its pretty tame here when it comes the wild sex shows. However you drink and touch them without having a bouncer telling you stop touching the women. Once you know which girl you want to have sit with you, ask the waiter to ask the girl over for a drink. Drinks are about $5. Some of the girls will just sit down next to you that you don't want to sit with. They are usually the dogs in the place.
You can give the give the girl your hotel room number and ask her if she wants to come by your hotel after work. You may have to offer her some money and if she thinks you're a decent guy she may go with you. Smiling helps alot here with the girls.

Mens Clubs
They are all over the city. They are really brothels/ bars in disguise. You will have to hire a taxi driver to find them. They do not have signs on the outside of them and you'd never know what was going on inside from the looks of it outside the place. These places are low pressure where the girls don't hussle you so much to get a room. Its very low key. A girl runs about $35-50 for an hour and that includes the room. All night may run you $90-120.
Legal Age
The age of consent in Guatemala is 18 years old.



Las Flores

This place is an "old fashioned" whorehouse. Girls vary from 6s to 9 and maybe a couple of 10s. Price are very cheap (as anything else in Guatemala!), they vary from US$10 to US$90 - but whores will charge you for every hour (or every time you get off, whatever is first...). Be careful with the drinks there - they are very expensive when purchased for the whores (who will keep asking for one all night long!).

To find a massage parlor look in the morning paper of the Prensa Libre.

You sit down in a nice living room and girls come out, sit down with you, and cuddle up. This old guy brings you a drink. If you don't stay, its Q20 for the drink, if you stay, the drink is on the house. These girls are THE BEST. They come from Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, and Nicaragua and they are beautiful. Two girls will cost between $150-180.

near ""El Trebol." It looks like a regular house, but with the telltale red bulb outside. Armed guards outside the place. As you go inside there are several couches where you could lounge around, a bar, etc. There you can talk to the girls.  A man will ask you what you want to drink. Order a soda which will cost Q20.00 (quetzales, the local currency $1=Q6.8 around 12/98). Of course that's way overpriced. It will cost about Q300.00 for an hour with the girl. The girl will lead you to her room, and there the Matrona brings the towels and waits to get paid. You should tip her Q5-Q10 or so. Go over with the girl of what you'd like to do.  She will take off her clothes and then the fun begins. Most girls range from 5-7.5).  Remember to tip the armed guard outside, he is watching your car after all (Q5-Q10 is sufficient).

(formerly Le Jardin), 6a Avenida 6-15 in zone 9, Q20/admission and beer, Q25/additional beer, 10 chicas, casa. Rooms are upstairs.

Strip Clubs

The strip action is pretty tame/lame compare to US standards, however you can drink,
touch and can usually take any of the girls home with you. 

747 Club
Oro Solido, 6th Ave zone 4. Guatemala City. 6 girls, low-class cathouse.

Bamboo Club,
Zone 9: A little pricey. Girls are expensive.

Bar Hollywood
7th Ave, near C
alz. San Juan. zone 19. Guatemala City. Q15/liter of beer, disco dance club, local young patrons, 7 girls weekday. 

Baron Roja
(Zone 4) is an OK strip bar with a Q50 (Q6.3=US$1) cover charge that allows you two free drinks. Keep the drink tickets you get at the door. Tipping on stage is not done. No lap dances. Don't expect much English and don't expect too many gringos. The Gallo beer is not bad (Q22 each after two). There are between 20-30 girls there on a Saturday night. They usually dance two dances at a time 1 clothed and 1 in various stages of nudity. Near the end of the second song, they are buck naked. Most of the dancers appear to NOT enjoy their time on stage. A smile is rare, unless for a gringo. There are a few dancers that put on a lively, athletic performance, but overall....average at best. The quality of women at the Baron Roja is 6-8 on a scale of 10. Expect to see young girls, relatively fit, an occasional stretch mark, some piercing (belly buttons mostly), some C-section scars and Small Breasts.

Beatriz Club
11th Ave 1. Guatemala City. Q15/beer, 15 girls, Q205/half hour, room with private shower, 4pm-1:30am. Ring the door bell, a guard looks through the peephole and then lets you in. You go upstairs. Ugly chicas, not worth it.

One block from Hotel Ramada Conquistador, zone 4, Q25/beer, 15 chicas, strip club. The deal here is Q400 - Q600 for short time at the hotel across the street, which costs another Q50. The chicas are average around 6 rating-wise, but are willing.

5 ave. 13-69 Zona 9. not far from the new Marriot hotel. Guatemala City. Q30/beer. Most nights there are 20 to 30 girls, most fairly decent, some stunning. Many are Nicas, some really cute ones are Guatemalan. The rooms in the club are great - WAY better than anything you get in TJ. The total cost for a full hour is Q400, about $55, including the room. Overnighters are about 800 to 1400 Q. You won't be disappointed - the club is very well appointed, AC, trendy lights, granite tables and bar, great stage, etc. Many girls will blow you at the booth as an "inducement" to go back with them.

2nd Calle #5-27, zone 9, Q20/beer, 6p - 1a, Sun - Sun, 10. Fireplace, indoor swimming pool with built-in bar and stools underwater, and 50-inch television. Casa. Rooms upstairs. 350q one hour.

5th Ave 3-85 in zone 9, Q25/beer, 12 girls. No sign in front to label this place. Usually a lot of cars are parked in front. Many locals who frequent it but not a lot happening there. 350 quetzales for short time. Rooms are nice. Mirror on the side wall and a separate bathroom.

Coco Loco
Q19/liter of beer and Q10/beer, roomy grubby cathouse, 15 girls weekday.

Ave Reform #3-53, zone 10. A big Casa, clean, nice waiting rooms. Limited parking, on a major street.

Elite VI
4 Ave. 16-20 zona 10 Tele: (502) 366-8352/3.
Upscale club, nice decor inside, black lighting with chica's dancing and a strip show. Hot looking chicas. Cost 150Q to get in and an open bar. Chicas drinks are 120Q. $150 USD for all night.

Elite V
Boulevar Liberacion 19-07 zona 8 Tele: 472-0836.

5th Ave
3-18. zone 9. Guatemala City. . Q25/beer, 10 girls. Striptease club.

International Flamingo
7th Ave 7-07. zone 4. Guatemala City.  Q25/beer, 20 girls. Strip shows. Located three blocks away from the Ramada Conquistador Hotel.

Jardin de Venus
Blvd Los Proceres (or 18th Calle) 21-55. zone 10. Guatemala City.

Lady Rose
Ave Castellana 9-39, zone 9, afternoon - midnight, Q20/beer, 5 girls). Price list: Q100/15 minutes to Q300/60 minutes. Small casa with pleasant ladies. On a busy street with no sign of the place..

La Enramada
Zona 6. en la entrada del famoso Barrio San Antonio. Guatemala City, Guatemala
Nearest Major City: Guatemala City

Le Club
Oro Solido, 6th Ave. zone 4. Guatemala City. Q25/beer, two-level seating, big-screen hard-core flick, 25 girls, crowded, -1am. Good strip show. 5-10 women stripping on different stages. This is a good place to have a couple of drinks before hitting the other traditional brothels.

Gardens (formerly Le Jardin)
6a Avenida 6-15 in zone 9. Guat. City.
Q22/beer, good cathouse, 10 girls, Q250/half hour, 7pm-1am.
Rooms are upstairs.

Majestic Club
1st Ave 14-41. zone 1. Guatemala City. Q20/beer, rundown smelly cathouse, local working class patrons, 7-8 young slow-witted girls, 4pm-1am.

Men's Club
3rd Ave about 10-37. zone 9. Guatemala City. This is just like any lap-dancing place in the U.S.---except that after a few dances, the girls expect you to go with them across the street to get laid. The place is glitzy with two stages, lots of lights, soft couches in quiet places. The girls will sit down with you, slide a hand up your thigh, and ask for a drink. Drinks are Q70, about $10 and she will be all over you. About 15-20 good looking girls.

Millenium House
3rd Ave 4-04 in zone 1, Q15/beer, 5 girls. Fat ugly women.

2nd Ave #11-28, zone 9, 2p - 1a, Q20/beer, 5-10 girls. , Q260/30 minutes. Nice big casa with lots of waiting rooms. Some rooms have bathrooms attached.

Oro Solido

6th Ave, a block away from Ramada Conquistador Hotel. zone 4. Guatemala City. Q22/beer, 25 girls, two-level stage for striptease, good shows. Seven girls entering one at a time on the second-level, grabbing the center-placed, floor-to-ceiling pole to swirl down to the first level (and a couple of girls did this upside down with their heads hitting the floor first), and then the usual shake their goodies about the stage. Then they spread out throughout the audience to do a 30-second shake-your-booty dance before your face and next switch to do the same in front of another customer and so on, until the end of the song. Finally, they returned to the stage for a finale of seven girls stripping nude before your ever-moving eyes. Afterwards, the next group of seven girls came on to do the same. And after them came another group of seven girls. Needless to say, seven naked dancing girls is more than seven times better than one naked dancing girl.


5th Ave. 3-85. zone 9. Guatemala City. Q22/beer, 2-girl show, Q250/half hour, Q1010/take-out, 15 girls, crowded with local patrons.

Platinum Club

5th Calle 2-37. zone 9. Guatemala City. . Q25/beer. Lots of girls, white and black. From Honduras and El Salvador. Quality is a hit and miss. Full time nude stripping.  7pm-1:30am, middle-class local and foreign patrons. When you decide who you want to sit with you just tell your waiter and he'll get her. Credit cards are accepted but there is a service charge. So count on it because you don't want to be carrying around the kind of money it's going to take. US$200 is the rule for 3-4 hours away at your place. You can take an hour with them at the club for much less. 20-25 girls.

4th Ave #4-19, zone 10, Q20/beer, 3p - 1a, 10-15 chicas.

11th Calle or 10 Calle #60, near Reforma Ave. zone 10. Q20/beer, Guatemala City. Convenient location. Close to some major hotels, lots of restaurants, a few fast food places, and a medium-sized shopping center. It is in a zone called Zona Reforma. A little smelly inside. Short time runs Q310 and you go in one of the five rooms they have in the back. Its got separate bathrooms that's shared with another room.

Sweet Lady
12th Calle 9-57. zone 1. Guatemala City. Q20/beer, 8 girls, rundown smelly nightclub, local working class patrons, 4pm-1am.

Titanium Club
Oro Solido, 6th Ave.  towards zone 9. Guatemala City. 6 girls, low-class cathouse.

Don't sit at a bar or strip club too long. Order a drink, ask the waiter to bring you a girl that strikes your fancy, order her a drink--a tequila, not a beer or a wine, ask her how much to fuck and don't buy another drink if all she does is dance and talk. This sounds cruel, but at $8 US a drink this makes sense. You can sit there and order 5 to 10 "colored water" drinks with a really cute girl and before you know it, you are drunk and broke and not fucked.
If a girl in a mini-dress is sitting with you at a bar and after 5 minutes has not told you how much, then you need to get up and get out of that bar, club, dancehall, etc. Move. Don't spend another nickel there.

2 Ave #11-10, zone 9, 6p - 1a, Q20/beer, 3-6 girls. Next door to Obsession. Nicely decorated inside.


Never try to pick up or to take pictures of children without the parents permission FIRST. This is VERY important specially in the country side where a rumor about children being stolen for organs extraction for transplants is very common.

Keep your cameras and video cameras in a plastic bag or in any other low eye catching way. Avoid using expensive looking equipment.
Some of the girls will let you take photos of them.
Guatemala City is an ideal place to shop. Visitors interested in handicraft will find them in the Central Market, located a block away from the Cathedral. They will find textiles, leather, wood carvings, ceramics, and basket work. Downtown, especially 6th Avenue, is the liveliest shopping area. Thousands of people move daily through this sector, where they can buy what they need at favorable prices.

But those who wish to shop in greater comfort will go to the large shopping centers in the south of the city, where the most exclusive shops in Guatemala are located. There are more than fifteen shopping centers, outstanding among them are Los PrÛceres, La Pradera, GÈminis and Unicentro-Plaza Cemaco. They offer a fine selection of clothing and other wares, as do the shops in the hotel area, known by Guatemala City dwellers as the Zona Viva. Antigua, just 45 minutes away from Guatemala City, is ideal for buying delicate gifts, particularly ceramics, forged iron, glass and jade jewelry.

Shops are open from 9 am until 12:00 non and from 1:30 pm until 6 pm. On Saturday shops are closed by 1:30 pm. The best markets are on Thursdays and Sundays at Chichicastenango and daily at Panajachet. These places have just about everything there is of value to be found in Guatemala. Small villages also have market days but crafts are not guaranteed to be found.

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