Location: South America
Capital: Lima
Main Cities:Arequipa, Trujillo
Electical: 110AC Adaptors
Population: 23,381,000
Currency: 1 Nuevo Sol = 100 Centimos
Language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara


Location: South America
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Lima
Main Cities: Arequipa, Lambayeque, Trujillo, Chiclayo
Population: 23,381,000   Area ( 1,285,220
Currency: 1 nuevo sol = 100 céntimos
Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymará
Religions: Roman Catholic


  Lima Peru

The bartenders and the girls donot speak English unless you are in high priced establishments.I arrived in Lima and my friends had made reservations in Hostel Sagitarius,Carlos Villaran 1067, Santa Catalina, Lima. They had put me there because I asked for a lower cost hotel that was clean and comfortable. When I arrived,I found that a Hostel is an hourly hotel. The room was clean, cable TV, a jacuzzi in the room, $ 50 a night, but no closets. It was fine with me. Theeven provided me with a little bag every day that had two toothbrushes, a small tube of toothpaste, a comb, two bars of soap, and three condoms. The room was bright, probably because of the mirrors on the walls and ceiling.I noticed a club across the street when they left me at the hostel that looked interesting. It was called Decameron. That was my first place to visit. I went across the street after I put my stuff in the room. Entry was $ 7 and included one drink. The bar was pretty normal. About once every 20 minutes one of the girls, about a dozen were there mid-week, would do her dance and go to complete nudity. All of the girls were winners, 6-10. When there was no stripper on the stage, most of the girls would dance in front of the stage facing the mirror behind. Music at jet engine volume.As soon as I made a 10 second eye contact with one girl who turned me on, she came and sat beside me at the bar. I offered to buy her a beer and she accepted. Beers were $ 4 for her or me. This was a good deal compared to much higher cost "chick drinks" in other places in Latin America. I later learned that the economics for the girls here was that they were paid about $ 8 per week for dancing, and they received a $ 1.50 commission if somebody purchased a "mixed drink" at $6.50. Through a week, I was told, they could probably get men to buy 5-10 of the commission drinks. This made the weekly paycheck from the bar about $20.00. If they left the bar with a customer, the customer paid $20 to the bar (the bar was kind enough to give you a bottle of cheap wine when you left, the translation of wine's the name was "Pussy and Bull"). Back to the girl. She asked if I would like to go to a booth, so we went to a dark corner booth and she drank her beer and asked me for a "mixed drink". I bought one and she came on strong. She did a little dance for me and invited me to touch her everywhere except directly in her crotch. She did, however,french kiss and put her hand in my crotch. It was about 1:30 and she asked if I would like her to accompany me when I left, so we discussed price. She wanted $ 100, which wasn't bad for some places, but I offered $ 50. We eventually settled on $ 70 for the night.We went back to my "hotel" and went to my room. She had a great body and a beautiful face, except for one gold tooth. A problem in many parts of the world is that they do not have access to dental care as we have in the USA, so perfect teeth is not as common. She was good, but at 6:00 she told me she had to leave and get home to the baby. She was not, however, as hot in bed as she was in the bar.The next night I went out with my friends and stopped in a few bars, but never hooked up with anyone. My third night, I went back to Decameron. It was a Friday, so there were about 16 girls and many more guys. The guys were localsand I didn't see many of the girls get taken. Since my previous night I was not completely satisfied, I started talking to another girl. We were hitting it off and it was getting late, she asked if I wanted her to go with me. I said yes, and she did not offer a price and neither did I. I got my bottle of Pussy and Bull and we went across the street to my hotel. We entered the room and kissed, then I pushed her onto the bed and began to unbutton her blouse.She told me that I hadn't paid her, and I told he that I thought that she came because she liked me. She laughed and said she liked me, but this was how she had money to eat. I asked her how much she wanted and she said $ 75. I told her that I really wanted to be with her and was not rich, she said she would take $50. I agreed. I told her that I had to work and asked if she would stay until 7:00, when I had to prepare for my work day. She told me that she lived with her mother and her mother did not know the work she did and her coverstory job let her out at 6:00. I begged and told her to tell her mother that she and a friend stopped for breakfast. She agreed. I had a great time until7:00. We arranged to meet the next night at my hotel at 10:00 and gave her my friend's telephone number to call if there were problems.She phoned the next day and confirmed that she would be there, but never showed. I was heartbroken. My friend phoned me to ask if she came, and I said no. He came and picked me up and we went to an office building about 5minutes away from the hotel that had three small bars on the first floor.The first was the smallest strip bar that I have ever seen. It was about 20'square, with a small bar with a dozen bar stools. There were about 15 girls along the wall, about half were good looking, none were stunning. The dancers danced on the bar. After one drink we left. Beers were $ 5.00, no cover.The second was larger, about 4 times the size. Beers $ 5.00, no cover. The bar was horseshoe shaped with about 25 bar stools. Girls lined the walls,shoulder to shoulder. Inside the bar were more girls. There were at least50. We sat down and ordered beers. As I was looking around, my friend began talking to one of the girls. The girls were much prettier than the first bar and some were drop dead beautiful. I looked at the girl who was talking with my friend and began to stare. My friend, noticing my stare, asked me if I thought she was beautiful and I agreed. There was something about her that made me believe that she would be perfect for me. He introduced me to her and switched seats so that she was beside me. We talked for a while and I asked her if she would like to come to my hotel. She asked for $ 70 for the night.I didn't negotiate. She probably could have asked for anything and I would have agreed. She was wearing her dancing costume and asked if I wanted her to dance for me before I left. I told her that I wanted to leave the loud music and be alone. I paid $ 20 to the bar to buy her out and my friend took us to the hotel.The night was the best night that I have ever had with any woman- and I have had nights with girls in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America. We talked, we played, we ate, and we had the most incredible sex that I ever had. In the morning, I told her that I had to see her again and she gave me her address and the telephone for her mother. She said that she did not have a telephone, but I could say that I was a friend from the school where she worked as a secretary in the days. I told her that I would pick her up the next evening at 6:00, after work and we would have dinner and spend the evening together.The next night, my friend took me to the address, since he used to live in the same area it was not a problem. The street was there, but the number did not exist. Heartbroken, again. We went out for dinner and later decided to return to the bar. I was, naturally, pissed off- but she had told me that she only worked two days a week and would not be there that night. When I went into the bar I began looking for her and did not see her. Suddenly, I felt two arms reach around me from behind and a voice that I recognized whisper my name. I turned around and when I saw her she kissed me and suddenly we were tongue to tongue. I told her that I was angry and that we had spend hours looking for an address that did not exist. She apologized and said that she did not give the correct address because my friend had told her his former address and it was so close that she was afraid that he might know her family.The phone number was, actually, her mother's but she hadn't been there since the afternoon and did not get the message that I had left. She asked me to forgive her and said that she thought about me all day and thought that she would never see me again because she was stupid. I told her that I had hoped to find her, but she told me that she would not be working. She told me that the bar called her because some of the dancers were not coming in and they needed more dancers that night. She also said that she thought that I might come back looking for her and she wanted to see me again if I did come back.She asked if I wanted to go and I said yes. She said that we would need to have one drink before we left so we went to the bar and each had a beer. She introduced one of the other girls to my friend, who was tired from dragging me around all evening. He liked the girl, so the 4 of us went to my hotel.It was another incredible night. I told her that I had to leave in the morning and she did not want me to go. She gave me her real address this time, and her telephone number. When it was time to go to the airport, she came with me and held one of my carry-on bags while I got my boarding pass.We had breakfast in the restaurant together. When my flight was called, I saw tears in her eyes. She had never mentioned money that night, I took out the rest of the Peruvian Soles that I had- about $ 50- and gave it to her telling her it was a gift and I couldn't spend it in the USA. We kissed for the last time and I went through security. I still remember how beautiful she looked in the green dress that she was wearing when I saw her for the last time.We correspond now and I telephone her every two weeks. I look forward to returning as soon as I can.

  I requested a small, inexpensive hotel for my trip to Lima and my business associates put me in Hostel Sagitarius, Carlos Villaran 1087, Santa Catalina, Victoria, Lima. When I arrived, I found that a hostel in Peru is an hourly hotel. Clean rooms, base room about $ 30, $ 50 with Jacuzzi. I was the only 24 hour guest. The only problem was that there was no closet. Across the street was a disco called Decameron. This was my first place to visit. $ 7 cover charge and you get one beer. Beers cost about $ 4. About 15 girls on weekends, 6-8 week days. Most are pretty, about 5 were beautiful. Ages about 2-28. There is a strip show on the small stage and music at jet engine volume. The girls try to get you to buy them the $ 7 drinks because they don't get commissions on beers. For a couple drinks, they will be very affectionate and let you touch them and kiss. The bar charges $ 20 to take a girl out and gives you a bottle of wine. The girls ask for $ 100. If it is a weeknight and after about 1:00, you can negotiate down to $ 50 or $ 60 for the night. That will bring your bill to about $ 100 total. I took out a beautiful 23 year old who was perfect in every way except for a gold tooth. Unfortunately, dental care is not available in South America like the USA. She was willing, but watched the clock. She gave full manual and vaginal, limited oral, and said that she did not do anal because of AIDS. She required condoms. My hotel supplied a pack of 3 every day. A couple nights later I went early and spent a couple hours talking with a 28 year old who was pretty, but not drop dead beautiful. This time I made the deal that I would pay at 7 a.m. and set my alarm. She would not discuss time or money until the alarm went off. I paid $ 60 and had a great night (about 6 hours) and it was as much fun as it was sex. My next trip was to a bar in an office building just inside San Borja with my business contacts. I don't know the name of the bars, but there were three of them together on the first floor of the building. The bars had no space and girls elbow to elbow. Dancing was on the bar and I was afraid I would get my drink kicked into my lap, but the girls danced around the drinks successfully. The bar we were in had about 50 girls, most pretty, some beautiful. My friend began talking with a girl beside him and asked me if I liked her. She had great eyes, really turned me on, so he introduced me. She was pretty and 28. I later learned that she had a job in a store in the day and only worked in the bar to have enough money to live- which is not uncommon because store clerks and secretaries only earn enough to cover rent if they live alone. We talked for a few minutes and I agreed to $60 for the night (till 7a.m.) and my friend took us to my hotel. I have been in many places around the world, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and have never had a woman who was as great in bed. I had ordered food and drink, so we ate and talked and made love. She also had a great personality and I was very attracted to her and wanted to satisfy her. Fell in love. When my alarm went off I told her that I wanted to see her again, in 10 minutes- she laughed and said that she had to rush home and change, then go to work. I asked for her address and invited her to dinner. That night I picked her up. She was dressed beautifully. I took her to an Italian restaurant that she suggested and we ate and drank, then I asked if she would like to come to my hotel and she agreed. We returned to my hotel for another wonderful night. Because it was Friday, she did not have to work the next day, but I had a flight back to the US. I asked her to come with me to the Airport, which she did. She held my carry-ons while I checked in and we went to breakfast at the airport and talked about my return. This night she did not ask for money, but before I left I gave her "taxi money" to go home. It was my last 150 sols (about $50) and she said that the taxi would only charge 15 sols. I told her that the money was no good in the USA, so she should take it and consider the rest a gift. She smiled and kissed me, before I went through security. I have talked to her several times on the telephone and she calls me her "gringo novio" (North American Boyfriend). I have never been happier that I spoke Spanish. Otherwise, I would have missed two of the greatest nights of my life. I want to get back soon, just to spend time with her.  

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