Location: South America
Capital: Quito
Main Cities:Guayaquil, Cuenca
Electical: 110AC Adaptors
Population: 11,566,000
Currency: 1 US Dollar = 100 Cents
Language: Spanish, Quechua




I was in Guyaquil for a few days and did my "research".

Note: You must speak Spanish. Few taxi drivers or girls speak any English.

The first night, I walked along 9 October- a main street in Guayaquil, and noticed that at about 12:30 am the shops had closed, but there were many girls on the street sitting on the benches that were along both sides. Some were in groups or 2-4, some were alone, and some were with young men. I observed cars stopping and making inquiries. After negotiation, the girls would either get into the cars and leave or return to the bench. As I walked, none of the girls gave the indication that they were "working" by gestures to me or eye contact. After a while, I decided to get a taxi and go to a place where I would know the rules.

I told the taxi driver that I did not want to go where it was full of foreigners, so he took me to a bar called "La Pacha". It was about 5 minutes from Centro. On a 1 to 10 rating of sleezy, it was definitely a 10. I invited the driver in for a beer and he came with me inside. There were three ugly guys who were at the outside door, looking us over, and we went upstairs to the bar. It was dark, not particularly clean-I drank from the beer can because I was not sure of the diseases in the glass. There was a dance floor in the center and stalls around the walls. We sat down and a girl came to the table. She was pretty, but wearing a loose blouse and Levi’s which I did not find particularly attractive. I invited her for a beer.

My driver finished his drink and I made arrangements for him to come back for me at 1:45 because the bar closed at 2:00 on week days. I told him that I would decide what I would do by that time and need a taxi one way or the other. After he left I talked to the girl and found out that she was 18, and 2 hours could be had for about $ 20.00 and the room in the "hotel" next door would be about $ 8.00, the bar buy-out was about $ 3. If the room next door would be anything like the bar, I did not want to be there. Finally, I made a deal with the girl that she would meet me at my hotel at 8:00 on the following night and we would spend the evening together for dinner and $ 30.00.

The taxi driver showed up, and I left. Before I left, I gave the girl about $ 15 and told her to wear something nice for me. I told the taxi driver to come to my hotel at 8:15 on the next night and he could be our driver.

The next night I waited outside the hotel, watching the girls go by and saw a pretty girl in white tight fitting pants and a white blouse that turned me on. When she was about 10 feet from me I suddenly realized that she was my date. She had make-up, was dressed well and looked great. We went to dinner, then a movie, then returned to my hotel room. She was beautiful, but a bit professional and watched the clock. At about 3:30 she turned herself off and said, "Are we going to do anything else, or can I go now?" I let her split, because I needed to work the next day.

The next night I had one of those interesting encounters. I decided to go to the street girls on 9 October. I had learned from my previous date that the men must approach the girls, the girls will not make first contact. At about 12:30 I walked down the street and a couple blocks later saw a beautiful girl dressed in a black dress. She was different because she was nicely dressed, and made-up, and most of the girls were dressed in jeans. I asked her if she was working, and she said yes. I asked her to walk with me so we could talk. When I asked a price, she asked for $ 115 (dollars is easier here because the Sucre is 6500 to the dollar and there are too many zeros). I told her it was too expensive and she asked me for an offer. I offered $ 50, and she said she liked me so she would accept. She was not pleased with all night, and asked if I would take her to her apartment for a minute so that she could tell the baby-sitter that she would be late. She also asked if there was anything else I would like to do first since we had the whole night. Nope!

Afterwards, we went to my hotel, but the night staff would not let me bring her to my room (Hotel Palace). They begged my forgiveness but the manager had found out that I had a guest the previous night and they got in trouble. We left and I asked her if she had an alternative, so she stopped a taxi and I heard her ask the taxi driver for a suggestion- and he had none. She negotiated a price for the taxi and we went to her apartment building. She went in alone and negotiated with the night manager to get a room. The room was moderately clean, but would not pass any state health department regulations. It cost $ 8.

We went into the room and I undressed her. She was a jewel. I pushed her back into the bed and kissed her. When I put my hand on her breast, she said it hurt because she was still nursing and it was painful. Being a gentle person, I put my arm around her kissed her again and felt her shivering. I asked if she wanted me to turn off the air conditioning and she said yes. I put my hand between her legs and began to put my finger inside her, and she said she didn’t like it- she was still shivering. At that point, things from earlier began to come into my mind. I began talking to her, and found out that she had the usual story.

She was 19 years old, married a guy from her village and came to the big city. The husband had a job, but when the baby was born 3 weeks ago, he didn’t like it so he cut out 2 weeks earlier. She had told me that she had been working for 3 months when I first asked. The money was gone and she was afraid to go home because it would embarrass the family because the bum walked out on her. The previous day she had made the decision to go to the street, but had no customers. I was her first. In my mind, I heard a loud cry of "Oh Shit!"

I liked her, so I figured that I better explain to her that she was not going to make any money doing only what she liked. She had to do what the customers liked. If she didn’t do what customers liked, they would either not pay or beat her up and force her to do it. She was about 5 ft. tall and weighed about 90 lbs, she could be easily broken in half. I first tried to teach her some techniques with her hands and mouth. She did OK with hands and with kissing, but she just couldn’t do oral and started to cry. She told me that she thought that she would only have to spread her legs and it would be over in 15 minutes.

We talked again and I described those things that she would be called upon to do in her new job, and she cried and said that she could not do those things. I told her that she was still a baby and had a baby to take care of. For the next couple hours, we sat naked in bed, talking. Frequently she cried. Finally, she agreed that she was not going to survive on the street and that it would be a bigger embarrassment to her family if someone from her village came to Guayaquil and saw her on the street than telling her family about her husband leaving her.

She finally agreed that the best thing would be to return to her village and take the baby. She said that her parents would love the child, and that her father generally broke down if she cried, so she would cry and beg his forgiveness. I took her to breakfast so that she would have a good meal and gave her money for bus fare to the village. She kissed me on the cheek and thanked me.

I told her that I would be in Guayaquil for another week and would go out every night to look for her. If I found her I would spank her and take my money back. She laughed and told me she was going to pack up as soon as she returned to her apartment and take the baby to the bus station and go home. I gave her my address and told her to send me a letter when she got home and tell me that she was OK. She kissed me again and went to her apartment, and I went to my hotel.

It has not been long enough for a letter to get here from Ecuador, but I hope that I will receive it.

It was an interesting night, with a beautiful girl, and very little sexual activity. I can’t understand why a man would want to leave her, she had looks and personality- but I ask that question frequently when I meet prostitutes who are enjoyable to be with.


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