Location: South America
Capital: Bogotá
Main Cities:Medellin, Cali
Electical: 110AC Adaptors
Population: 34,545,000
Currency: 1 Peso = 100 Centavos
Language: Spanish


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Cities: Bogota
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Colombia is situated in South America, bounded by Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, the Caribbean and Pacific oceans. There are inland areas such as Medellin, Cali and Bogotá, that have places to have sex with the women. The coastal areas being Cartagena,  Baranquilla and Santa Marta.
Colombia is situated in South America, bounded by Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, the Caribbean and Pacific oceans. There are inland areas such as Medellin, Cali and Bogotá, that have places to have sex with the women. The coastal areas being Cartagena,  Baranquilla and Santa Marta.
Reports tell us that Colombia is NOT the safest place to go. Especially if you are an American Citizen.  If you are a fluent Spanish speaker, have a sense of adventure and stick to places that are in the cities, you should not have any problems. Just keep a low profile (don't go telling everyone you are a gringo) and get to know taxi drivers recommended by the hotels.

There are about 8 different kinds of sex venues in Colombia. There are street hookers, brothels, discos, strip clubs and bars, massage parlors, escort services, and regular girls.
The country has no end of massage parlors and brothels. Some are little storefronts with a receptionist and a worker who does quick blowjobs in a screened off room. They're very upfront, nothing illegal about them. And cheap.

Colombian women are beautiful. They walk a great deal and exercise, so their bodies tend to be fit and trim. I did not have any sex in Bogota, but any hotel desk clerk can show you the newspaper with the ads, and call a girl on your behalf to come to the hotel or you can go to where she is. A good clerk will tell you whether the neighborhood where she is happens to be safe, and how much the taxi driver should charge you. Many Colombian women are quite romantic, even the hookers, so your date may go 200% better if you have a gift for her. If you plan it ahead of time, bring something from the US as a gift: a watch, a nice pen, some perfume, something that might not be available there. Or buy her some flowers. Many Colombian women are attracted by foreign men, so you might be able to stir up non-hooker action. In Bogota, you might be able to find English speaking women. They are great, friendly, and stunning. They are willing to please. Being able to Speak Spanish will help a lot. Due to the warm climate the women dress provocatively.  Bogotá is the Capital, where many girls from all over the country go to college, work etc. So if you know where to look, you can find anything you want. Colombian women are quiet and sophisticated. One of Colombia's big pastimes is beauty contests. The women of the coast (Cartagena, Baranquilla and Santa Marta) are going to be more like Cubans and Dominicans because of the African blood mix, however the women of the interior have that beautiful tan skin. (Medellin, Cali and Bogotá) Cartagena is known to have a darker population than many other areas of Colombia. The women go to Cartagena to have fun, meet tourists, and maybe make a bit of money. 

Regular Girls

You can find these at the marriage agencies, in the plaza's, stores, restaurants, everywhere.  If you see something you like, do a short not too loud and not too quiet psssssssssssst directed at the intended target and lasting about 1 second. Too loud and long is overly aggressive, too soft and short is not assertive enough. Try practicing on the street girls at first. If done just right, she will be the only one that hears it. It sends a clear message that you like what you see. Just relax and observe her reaction. If she's interested believe me she will find a way to let you know. If you are an obvious gringo chances are she will be at least a little curious. They have a demure very easy going way about them in these matters that is a joy to watch.

Bucaramanga: A Member wrote: "In the "City of the Parks" the women are even better looking than Bogota's ladies. One place you might go is called Bar Stop Show. Ask any cab driver, and if he does not know, it is next door to the Cine Rivera. On the same block is another decent place, the Champagne Club. These two places have doormen and security, so they do not let drunken, brawling idiots get in the door. It's safe for gringos. You do have to be very picky at the Stop Bar. I felt personally that Bucaramanga had tons of gorgeous women walking around on the sidewalks, and the women at the club were rather ordinary. They tend to be quite young and energetic. They will charge about 60,000 pesos (about 30 dollars) for you to take the girl to a nearby house or your hotel room for a tryst. They also will include in the bill alcohol and food. They take VISA, but one of the girls told me that the barman is in cahoots with the female cashier and they will put stuff on your bill that you did not order. From what I heard, the Champagne Club has classier girls, but I did not go. Be careful what neighborhood you wander into when visiting either Bucaramanga or Bogota. Some places can be hazardous. It is unlikely that the women will speak English at all. Buena suerte!"
Colombia is not an expensive country. Budget travelers can get by on around US$10 per day; while those staying in more comfortable hotels and eating at restaurants will spend around US$20-30 per day. Splurgers should budget on US$50-70 a day.
Colombia has no sodomy laws,  Prostitution is legal.

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