Location: Oceania
Capital: Canberra
Main Cities:Battambang
Electical:240V Adaptors
Population: 19,272,451
Currency: 1 Dollar
Language: English
Religion:Anglican, Catholic


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Famous for the Outback, rugby, and Olivia-Newton John, friendly Australia also offers a varied and lively commercial sex scene. Action can be found in every major city, with Melbourne and Sydney in particular featuring some of the best brothels in the world, staffed by highly attractive and skilled young women. Commercial sex is legal in most of Australia, with reasonable restrictions. Your options include the following:
Incall establishments. Full service is standard. One to five women working in the smaller establishments, 6+ working in the larger ones. Conduct and operating conditions dictated by territorial law.

Escort Services
Incall our outcall, either run by an agency or an independent sex worker. Full service is standard.

Massage Parlors
They are quasi-legal, offering a "full body rub" service, also known as "rub and tug." Depending on the establishment or local laws, it may not always be possible to negotiate full service with a girl once in the room, and it is best not to keep trying if refused.

Strip Clubs
Lap and table dancing available for a small fee. Clubs with the best facilities and most attractive women are found in the business districts of Melbourne and Sydney. It may be possible to hire a girl for "outside" activities at these clubs, but it is not likely.

Inexpensive, but illegal (or confined to the seedier areas of town) and potentially dangerous.
The typical sex worker is between 25 and 40 years of age. 18- to 24-year olds remain comparatively rare. Most are Australian residents of Anglo-Celtic descent. Asians tend to predominate in the massage parlors, particularly in the northern areas. There are also workers from New Zealand (both white and Maori half-castes), and a few Pacific Island and African girls. Indians and Australian Aborigines are rare.
Stunningly attractive sex workers are not common, but very attractive ones can be. However, always be wary of telephone descriptions, particularly concerning age and bust size.

Sex workers in most areas are required to have checkups every month. The proper procedure is to have vaginal swabs, urine test (for chlamydia) and throat swabs taken. In addition, they are required to have their blood checked (for HIV, Hep B and C) every three months. However, to be completely safe, never have unprotected sex.
The cost of commercial sex in Australia is reasonable, but is more expensive than that in nearby Thailand, New Zealand, or the Philippines. Prices range from $60 for a massage parlor "quickie" in some of the more remote areas to $5,000-plus for the poshest escorts. However, you can usually expect to pay from $120 to $250 for one hour of full service in a brothel or to an escort.

Prices listed in this FAQ are in Australian Dollars
The past decade has seen a dramatic liberalization of the commercial sex laws in most Australian territories. Brothels, massage parlors, and escort services now operate within the law (which varies between territories) everywhere except for Tasmania and Western Australia. In those territories, brothels remain illegal, but it's unlikely that you'll be hassled by law enforcement for visiting one.

The past few years have also seen a dramatic crackdown in street prostitution in Western Australia. Soliciting streetwalkers (known as "kerb crawling" in the local parlance) can get you a fine of up to $1,000 or a 2-year prison sentence. Getting caught playing at that activity, or soliciting a sex worker under the age of 18, can turn your Australian dream vacation into a nightmare. It's generally a good idea to steer clear of streetwalkers no matter where you are in Australia, as you're greatly increasing your chances of being scammed or contracting a disease.

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