Location: Europe / Asia
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Moscow (Moskva)
Main Cities:St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Novgorod
Population:149,476,000 Area (,075,000
Currency: 1 ruble = 100 kopeks
Languages: Russian
Religions: Russian Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist

Tashkent $10-$15 per hour girls walking the streets of Chilanzar and bus stop across from Tata Hotel. Visit the Dutch Club most women are available, $100 per 24 hours
Kiev Girls are usually available at the hotel reception or bars. They approach and ask if you want a massage. RUS hotel usually has 10 girls at the bar 150USD-200 USD full service.
 Club Luxor in Metropol complex $300USD-$500USD Per night
 Metelitsa Arbat Street $300USD-$500USD Per night
 Night Flight Tverskaya Street $20 Entry 70+ Girls $100 Up Per night
 Up & Down
 Beverly Hills Club
 Monte Carlo
 Bely Medved
See ads in "Moscow Times" or "Moscow Tribune" look for "Introduction" or "Massage"
   Other places to find Sex
 Nightclubs Girls working solo. $50 Per night
 Streetwalkers $25 and up
 Hotel lobbies $50 Per night
 Red Square (Outside the Gates) Line Ups are common
 Kremlin and Government buildings drive around downtown, look for well dressed women who will signal passers. They quote prices and direct you to an area for a line up
 Tip: Foreigners are popular at the clubs, buy a girl a drink and you may get it free
 Newspaper "Exile" complete with photo ads for Girls
  St. Petersburg
 Sheraton Hotel lobby or bar $200 per hour, Hotels takes $100 cut
Polarni Zori Hotel 27USD Single 15-20 Girls in the bar,100USD per night, also see bellboy for agencies 25USD Hr. Girl arrives with translator, select another should you not like what arrives.
  Latvia $28 per hour standard rate
Hotel Valdermara (Riga) $40
Hotel Vaivari (Jurmala) $20
 Tip: Sex can be found in almost all hotel lobbies prices may vary
 Ankara Hotel (Almaty) 40 Girls in Casino $100USD Hr. $350 Per night go after 11pm
 Sheraton Metechi Pallace (Tbilisi) Girls in lobby, see Security for $120 per night in call
Wam Maria Hotel (Tallin) $20 per night room, see security for girls 500EKK $20USD Full Service
Hotel Viru
Brothel (Outside Parnu) ask taxi
CLUB 16 (Outdside Tallin) ask taxi 1000EKK Full Service
Melleks Bar (Tallin) 550EKK
Melveks Bar Privat Sauna 200 EEKhr 15$USD
Cafe Amigo (Tallin)
Viru Hotel (Tallin)

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