Czech Republic

Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Prague (Praha)
Main Cities: Brno, Ostrava, Plzen, Olomouc
Population: 10,302,000   Area []: 78,660
Currency: 1 koruna = 100 haléru
Languages: Czech, Slovak, Polish
Religions: Protestant, Roman Catholic


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visit Prague
"Lotos Club"
The Girls of Lotos Club 149 00 Prague Kupeckeho 832

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Prostitution is very laid back. There are no laws regarding paid sex one way or the other. Except that a town may not allow prostitution in a designated area. The age of consent is 17 in Czech and I have seen girls this young working in the clubs of Prague. Prague is divided into districts 1-14(I think there are 14) they are arranged in a spiral with Prague 1 in the center. The center of Prague 1 is Wenceslas Square (tourist central with prices to match).

Getting there: Most major airlines offer connecting flights to Prague. The Train will also take you from just about anywhere in Europe into Prague. Most rental car companies will not allow cars rented in Germany, Holland to go into Czech. (Hertz I believe is an exception.) When taking the Train please note that the train station closes at midnight. So, either plan on spending the night or leave before then.

One of the most popular attractions is the Highway from Dresden Germany to Prague. It's lined with hundreds of Brothels and thousands of independents working along the highway. You won't see this taking a plane or the train. Also note that if you plan on taking the train for the day and returning in the evening the trains stop running at midnight until 6am the next morning.

Getting around in Prague: A Taxi can be gotten from anywhere to anywhere in Prague the AAA taxi company has English speaking dispatchers available. (I don’t have the phone number you can get it from the back of their cabs.) Many of the clubs have to pay off the taxi drivers for bringing customers to their club. I will try to note those clubs as I mention them. However, if you take a taxi drivers recommendation on a club expect to pay 500-1000KC cover charge which will be given to the taxi driver. Also, note that ALL drivers WILL recommend some place and most have brochures about their favorites. Metro (subway) - The Metro runs until midnight. There are 3 lines A (Red),B (green) and ,C (Yellow). Metro stops entrances are marked by an M sign in the color of the line. Trams and Bus – The Tram and bus stops are marked by an orange pole with a schedule for each of the buses or Trams are numbered and a schedule for each is available on the pole. The Blue colored signs are for night buses or Trams there run from midnight to 6:00AM. The schedules are broken into 3 parts on the left side there is a list of each stop this bus or tram stops at with the grayed line being the stop you are at. The tram or bus will be going to all stops below the gray line from where you are. If you want to go to a stop above the gray line walk across the street and find the stop for trams or buses going in the other direction. On the right side of the schedule there are 2 or 3 boxes one will be headed P (something) – P (something) this is the schedule for Monday through Friday. 1 will be headed N(something) this is Sundays schedule and the last is Saturdays schedule. You can get tickets in most Traficka stores or daily, weekly passes at the large metro stop offices. (1 week is about 180KC I think.)

Street action: Most of the street walkers work in an area just east of the Tesco department store. From Wenceslas square head to the end away from the museum past the turn right at the Prague tourist center and it starts about 100 yards from there. I never use street walkers so have no further information. If you try them please let me know.

Escorts: Praha Magazine will list several they are of generally high quality and charge from 3500 – 6000 KC. Also, if you are staying at a big hotel just go into the bar at night and you will notice several girls sitting and trying to make eye contact. Most likely these will be hookers. When in doubt ask the bartender.

Clubs: There about 25-20 Clubs in Prague they fall into 2 categories. The high priced and low priced. All clubs in Prague have standard pricing for service in most cases by the ˝ hour and by the hour.

Apollon – Sokolovska 60 Praha 8 Tel 24 81 59 45Hours of operation are: Mo-Fr 10-1800 and 20-0600 sat-sun 20-0600 This place is set up like a night club and from time to time a strip show will be done there are generally 5-10 girls here. Dinner is available as well as drinks. The ladies are model quality. The cover is 1500KC and the 1 hour rate is 4500KC. About $120 USD

Club Klara - Vodnanskeho 1 Praha 6 Tel 35 33 02 Hours or operation are: 20-600 dailyThis is a bar with girls 3-6 ladies are available no cover and overnight accommodations are available. Average place prices are 2500KC per hour About $65 USD

Escade – Kresomyslova 5 Praha 4 Tel 43 69 16Hours of operation: nonstop This place is one of my favorite’s. All the ladies must speak at least 2 languages. 10-20 ladies are available in the evenings 7-10 during the day. Overnight accommodations are available. Many different types of lady are found here from college girls trying to earn the next year living expense to Russian ladies who couldn’t find work elsewhere. I met a 17 year old Swiss girl here that just wanted to live in the big city. If you phone before hand they will send a taxi for you. The cover is 300KC. 2500KC ˝ hour and 3500 per hour. This is set up like a strip club with attached bar. There is no rush so relax and look around.

Kleopatra Club – Vhajoch 345 Praha 4 Tel 792 37 93Hours of operation 20-0600I think the owner is a collector he has at least one of every type here. One Russian, One Asian, One black etc… I also saw the most beautiful Czech girl here. The cover is 600KC this includes a strip dance. 3500KC per hour. They also have a room with a small pool. If you phone before hand they will send a taxi for you.

Marthy Club – Seifertova 35 Praha 3 Tel 627 80 13Hours of operation Mo-Sat 14-0200 Sun 17-0200This is my favorite small place. There are 4 ladies working and service includes a message if you desire. Service is 2500KC per hour or 2000KC per ˝ hour. If you go say hi to Nina for me.

Laura Club – Jeseniova 166 Praha 3 Tel 684 78 00Hours of operation 13-0300This is a close second to the Marthy. It is set up as a bar there are 5-10 ladies available they are almost always locals from 17-23. Pricing is 2600KC per hour which includes a bottle of sparkling wine. Take a taxi here as there is no cover.

Waterloo – U Kloibovych Domu 8, Praha 9 Tel 683 73 35Hours of operation 18-0600 This place is set up like a strip club. There have theme room (even a 57 Chevy in one – No Shit) Cover is 900KC. Ladies cost 4000KC per hour. The ladies are in the same league with Marthy or Laura so unless you like fucking in Chevy cars I would not try this place.

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Andre – Svatoslavoa 13, Praha 4 Tel 692 59 29Hours of Operation 20-0600This place has all Russian woman. The ones I talked to indicated that they where glad to be there since there is no work in Russia. There are 5-7 very pretty ladies at this place. The cover is 300KC 3500KC per hour with the ladies.

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