Location: Asia
Capital: Seoul
Main Cities:Pusan, Taejon
Electical: 110/220AC Adaptor list
Population: 48,000,000
Currency: Won
Language:Korean, Japanese
Religion:Buddhist, Confucianism

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Alot of the action takes place in Seoul. There are areas in and around Seoul that have the sex places, areas such as Itaewon and Hooker Hill. Hooker Hill is Very difficult to get laid there as it is not foreigner friendly, plus a big rip off place and very expensive. Itaewon on the other hand IS foreigner friendly and you are almost guranteed to get laid there.
Then there's Songtan which is about a 40 minute subway ride from Seoul and is basically a "GI" town. It has 77 bars that cater to military guys. These bars usually charge the highest bar fines of $300 for long time or all night. The clubs have mostly either Filipinas or Russians since very few local Koreans desire to work in these clubs (They prefer to work in the factory or in a department store). Be advised that the ajimas (the older Korean ladies who serve as waiters) will try to pull some scams on the unsuspecting.Then there's Miari which is foreigner friendly one of the biggest sex districts.
Goods and bads, dos and don'ts
Food, sightseeing, and hiking are among the best things in Korea. Bad things include difficulty in communication, 'foreigner prices', and sometimes belligerent behavior towards foreigners. These bad things are easily avoided if one is smart and tolerant of Korean manners.
Age of consent
Korean women between the ages of 15 and 35 are incredibly desirable (beware that 19 is the age of consent). In this age group women mainly wear their hair long and straight and their bodies are most luscious with very firm and muscular buttocks. Only about 25% of the women have busts that could be described as voluptuous, but nearly all have enough for a handful. Attitudes toward sex are outwardly extremely conservative, but once you have a girl alone (hotel, video-viewing room, et al.), then you will see the gradually beast unleashed, but it still takes a lot of junior high school tactics to get to first base. Another social lubricant is alcohol, our recommendation is a flavored soju - lemon soju spritzer are always a safe bet.
Korean Men
Beware that Korean men are the world's biggest cock-blockers - they will act like your buddy and maybe even pretend to help you, but 99.9% of them will do anything to prevent you from taking their women. This is all complicated by Korean social structure which relegates a woman's role in any public situation to males, who are invariably senior to the woman in some other way than being a man (age, school class, job position, et al.)
Their looks
About 90% of Korean women take exceptional care of themselves; unlike in North America, obesity is still quite rare and generally is due to some affliction. Although Koreans are not known for being statuesque, there are plenty of leggy girls running around. From middle school through the end of university long, straight hair is the rule of the day. The vast majority of women above high-school age dye their hair, but perms are not wide spread until the so-called 'ajumma' stage. Once a Korean woman's children are having kids of their own, 90% of these new grandmothers feel compelled to perm their hair. You'll see gaggles of ajummas roaming the streets and mountains, but don't be afraid, they won't harm you.
Sexual desires are generally quite conservative, Koreans aren't nearly as perverse as the Japanese. Most girls will scoff at anal, threesomes, or anything out of the norm. Homosexuality is also heavily frowned upon and most Koreans will deny it even exists in their culture. This is, of course, nonsense, and you'll see plenty of gays and lesbians if you want and know where to look.
Honesty is a tricky subject in a Confucian country - people smile when they're mad and nod yes when they mean no. Bear this in mind with all encounters, especially if communication is not easy. This stems for the Confucian notion of 'face', meaning not to embarrass oneself or any other person intentionally.
Korea is categorized as a "Newly-Developed Country" (NDC) by the United Nations, but the desire of 99% of people is to overtake Japan as a Most-Developed Country (MDC). This comes from historical animosity and is a common theme in Korean essays and conversations, even though it is often counter-productive.
Getting Married
Accordingly, since poverty is not much of an issue in the south, there are far fewer Koreans looking to "get out" by marrying a foreigner. That doesn't mean there aren't numerous mixed marriages, however. These days many girls either have a fascination with foreigners or travel abroad, or they simply do not wish to marry a Korean man and enter a lifestyle that degrades their position as a human. Tradition states that when a woman marries, she basically becomes the 'property' or member of her husbands family, literally erased from her family's genealogy. Also stemming from this is a large number of proverbial 'dissatisfied housewives' who are up for flings or trysts. Consequently, numerous "love hotels" can be found near any major city to provide the space for all the peccadilloes. You can spot a love hotel if it has some way to hide the parking areas (usually plastic sheeting that is car paint friendly); this is done to protect the identities of the participants by blocking people from seeing their cars and/or license plates.
What will it cost on an average every day to have fun, including sex, food, lodging and transportation? Korea is cheaper than Japan, but nowhere as cheap as SE Asia - budget travelers can make do on the peninsula, but they have to know how to get around and what to do. The Lonely Planet guidebooks will help budget travelers find the best deals. Business travelers, and especially those with Korean guides, will have the most fun if they know where to go and keep an open mind.
Korean food is very reasonable and excellent, but be prepared for about half the dishes to be spicy. If you avoid Western restaurants, expect to pay less than $4 a meal excluding drinks.
Budget: US$2-3
Mid-range: US$3-16
Top-end: US$16 and upwards
Lodging ranges from very inexpensive yogwans and minbaks; basic rooms often with shared both and sometimes floor (ondol) bedding, about $15-30 a night per room, not per person; to super expensive 5-star hotels in the big cities, $250-1,000 a night with all the bells and whistles. There are many varying hotels to fill out budgets between the above - there are seldom problems with bringing 'guests' to your room after checking in, but beware of the smaller privately-run operations. Large hotels rarely, if ever, hassle wealthy clientele.

All depends on location. Foreign areas i.e around military bases cost much more. Korean areas cost $50.00. Don't blow your load early or it will be the fastest $50 you ever spent as she will leave immediately right after you cum.
Korean hookers are not affectionate at all, they just lay there on the ground like dead meat and wait for it to be over , they dont like their job and it shows. Hooker hill is good for blow jobs, make sure a time limit is arrange and have your watch handy. Really Korean girls can be real bitches.$300, SOFA clubs. $125 for Songtan Hotel Sports Massage. And $16/hour from the Tabangs.
The age of consent is nineteen, but this shouldn't be much of a worry as it's very rare to meet underage people in any nightclub or drinking establishment. Also, all brothel areas have police stations whose charge is to enforce age limits - ironic in that brothels are illegal in Korea.
Other laws to be aware are common sense: don't jay-walk, speed, run red lights, et al., but most importantly, never fight a Korean. Although it's rare for natives to confront foreigners, the end result is the foreigner is always wrong and you will end up paying a large amount of money - not in fines, but 'compensation' to the Korean.
Drugs (other than alcohol and nicotine) are rare and not at all worth the trouble. Be very wary of anyone approaching you with drugs, they're likely a narc. Pornography is officially illegal in Korea.
As in almost all countries, prostitution is illegal in Korea. However, as in most countries, the police usually look the other way while the world's oldest profession flourishes. It has been estimated that as many as 2 million females work in the "entertainment" industry, which includes prostitutes, bar girls, exotic dancers, hostesses, barber shop attendants, and coffee shop waitresses.

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