Location: Asia
Capital: Manila
Main Cities:Quezon, Davo, Cebu
Electical: 220AC Adaptors
Population: 67,898,000
Currency: 1 Peso = 100 Centavos
Language:Tagolog, English, Spanish
Religion:Catholic, Muslim


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The country is possibly one of the most dangerous, dirtiest, polluted, rat-infested, politically corrupt countries in the entire world. English is spoken widely (Tagalog is the main language), making it one of the easiest countries to travel to. Many of the local TV stations and newspapers are in English. Many of the girls you will meet, if not all, speak at least elementary English. Thus you will not have the same huge language gaps you find in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and so on. While the Philippines has little to offer in the way of culture, food, entertainment, and safety, what it offers in the way of hospitality among the women make it nothing less than a sexual and romantic paradise for single men. Angeles is a two hour bus ride north of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Angeles was the former home of the U.S. Clark Air Force Base. The military base was vacated in June 1991, due to the volcanic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Pinatubo practically wiped out the entire city, filling it with white volcanic ash. While the base was active (before June 1991), there were more than 200 bars and over 12,000 Filipina bar girls (LBFM or "Little Brown Fucking Machines" as the GI's called them) working as dancers, waitresses, entertainers, etc., making Angeles one of the world's largest and most active red light district. After the bases shut down (June 1991), the night life practically died, but not completely. But by 1995 it had already began to make it's come back. Currently, there are currently more than fifty-five active bars with anywhere from 20 to 40 girls per bar, enough to keep you well satisfied throughout your stay. Angeles City is without a doubt the hottest place in the Philippines to chase girls.

What to Expect

You should not find any difficultly getting laid every single night if you go to the main red light districts where tourists go. There you will find an abundance of very fun loving girls who range anywhere from 18 to 29 years of age. Most of the bar girls will be in their late teens or early to mid twenties, although by the way they act and look, you would think they are all twelve to fifteen years old.  Although most Filipina girls can speak at least a little bit of English, do not expect to get much of an intelligent conversation. Of course, you are not coming here for that, you are here for the sex and romance, which this country has no shortage of. Indeed, the Philippines is still a sexual paradise.


It is safe to say the goal of a Filipina girl is to get an American man, get married and move to the US. Perhaps that explains why the vast majority of pen pal services set up for men in the US end up corresponding mostly with girls from the Philippines (the fact they can speak English also plays a major factor). Although extremely shy, at the same time Filipina's are incredibly friendly and open to meeting male travelers. It is not uncommon to meet a Filipina in the market, on the street, in a bar, at a disco, or anywhere else. You see her walking along and next thing you know she turns, smiles, giggles and blushes. When that happens, she has signaled  she is interested. Go up to say hi and next thing you know she is inviting you to come to her home to meet her family. Visit her home, even on the first visit, and it's not uncommon to find yourself discussing the wedding plans with her family! As for bar girls, the same pretty much applies, except you add money and sex to the figure.


Yes, many of the bar ladies you will meet do not consider themselves prostitutes (some are still virgin, waiting for the right guy). For that reason, you can find girls who will sleep with you for FREE, as I have found on many occasions. As a rule though, I try to help out any girl who finds me attractive enough to spend the night with by giving her some money for rent, food, etc. Therefore, a 200-300 peso tip for any girl who is not employed at a bar will be well appreciated. As for the bar girls, the cost of the bar fine in Angeles will run you 1,000 pesos on up, depending on the bar. There is no requirement to tip them even if you do get down their pants, as all bar girls get nearly 50% of the bar fine (50% to the bar, 5% to the mamasan, the rest to the bar girl). While some may argue the bar fine is the “cost of prostitution”, that is simply not the case, as you can bar fine “cherry girls” (real virgins) who will only bar hop or sleep with all their clothes on, waitresses (who will probably let you have sex with them if you romance them a bit), and dancers (who are sure to have sex after you tell them you want to be their boyfriend). In short, the cost of sex with a bar girl averages at 1,000 pesos (although this is not technically payment for sex), 200-300 pesos for an unemployed girl who spends the evening with you, and free, if you have mastered the art of romancing the girls.


For all practical purposes, paying a Filipina woman to sleep with her, provided she is 18 or over, is legal for a foreigner. Just like we have laws in the states that are no longer enforced (did you know adultery is still illegal in some states? It's a misdemeanor in Virginia , Maryland and more than 20 other states, and a felony in Idaho , Massachusetts , Michigan , Oklahoma and Wisconsin ), so is the case with prostitution in the Philippines . The laws are not enforced (provided the prostitute is 18 or over) and therefore, you can pay for sex without fear of arrest. Provided, the women you pay is 18 or older.

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