Location: Asia
Capital: Tokyo
Main Cities:Osaka, Sapporo, Osaka
Electical: 110AC Adaptor list
Population: 125,422,000
Currency: 1 Yen = 100 Sen
Language: Japanese
Religion: Shintosim, Buddhism


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Japan is the most developed country in Asia and very international in economy. I believe it is cleanest and safest and the most expensive country in Asia. On the other hand, it is extremely a discreet country simply because it is surrounded by the ocean. So foreigners (Gaijins) are very special in Japan except in some business centers. In many cases, Japanese people show Special Kindness to them. Some Japanese young amateur girls go to Yokosuka (US Navy port) or even to NYC to have SEX with Gaijin guys because they have Special Interest in Gaijin's sex. The most important thing for foreigners is that most of the professional women have Special Fear about having sex with Gaijins and refuse to provide services. If you speak Japanese and/or you are Eastern Asian (Chinese or Korean), you have more chances to have sex with Japanese professional women. There are many prostitutes coming from other countries and they often accept Gaijin customers. There are some expensive 'Escort Clubs' which mostly serve to VIP Gaijin customers in Tokyo area. Japan has 3,500 sex "facilities"; strip theaters, peep shows, "soaplands," "lovers' banks," porno shops, sex telephone clubs, Karaoke bars, clubs, etc.

Almost all ladies working in registered places (Soaplands, Fashion massages) are Japanese. They seldom accept a Gaijin customer especially in the case he is not eastern Asian (Korean, Chinese..) and/or he does not speak Japanese. On the other hand, most of the street walkers, ladies working at unregistered places (Korean massage(esute), brothels..) are from China, Philippines, Thailand, Korea and Latin-American countries. If you just want to have sex with any kind of woman, it is possible and not so expensive if you go to the right place. But to have sex with a Japanese woman is not easy.

Japanese women have black eyes, black hair (many colors now though since they dye their hair) and light, yellow, smooth skin. The average height is about 5 feet 3 inches. They are not as short as women in Thailand or the Philippines. There are more than 150,000 foreign women in prostitution in Japan; more than half are Filipinas and 40% are Thai.
:Even if westerners were more accepted the price limits would still put the Japanese sex industry out of reach for the average sexual adventurer. The low to medium end still carries a price of maybe 10,000 Yen (about 90$), and higher from 20,000 - 30,000. That's not even going into the REALLY expensive places. At soaplands, 10,000 - 100,000yen for full service. At Fashion Massage places, 6,000-15,000yen for BJ. HOTETORU, 18,000 - 35,000yen for full service.

If you are going to Tokyo, bring money - lots of it. Everything is pretty pricey.

:Budget: US$5-8 Midrange: US$8-25 Top-end: US$25 and upwards.

Japan is probably the most expensive country in the world for travel, but there are ways of keeping the outlays to an almost bearable level. A skeleton daily budget, assuming you stay in the cheapest hostels, eat modestly and travel short distances, would work out to US$60. Add about US$10 for extras like snacks, drinks, admission fees and entertainment. Staying in Japanese style B&Bs (inns) or business hotels and eating in pricey restaurants can easily have the ticker tipping US$100.

Here are some prices for things in Japan
Aspirin, regular, 100 tablets: $18
Beer, domestic, 12 oz. can: $2.25
Billiards: $6 per hour per person.
Books imported form America: about double the cover price
Coca-Cola, 12 oz. can: $1
Computer software: about twice the price of the same thing in America
Concert ticket to Def Leppard, general admission: $70
Gasoline, one gallon: $3.68 regular, $4.60 premium
Letter to the U.S. $1.10
Letter within Japan: $.80
Melon, Honeydew: from $4 to $100 each
Milk: $1.70-$2 per liter
Movie channel via satellite dish: $30 per month
Movie ticket (1): about $15
Music CDs: $25 to $30, but they may have tracks on them not present on American versions of the same music
Newspaper, daily: $42 per month
Rent, in Tokyo, small apartment: $1000 per month excluding utilities
Rice, $4 a kilogram
Telephone call, local, three minutes: 10 cents
Telephone, cost of hooking up a phone: $750
Tire for a car: $167
Video rentals: $3.50 each
Prostitution is illegal. However, by the law, only managers and owners of brothels are punished. More accurately, organization of prostitution is illegal. Protective custody's are enforced for the ladies. Johns are never punished. Law enforcement is quite rare. HJ, BJ and anal intercourse for money are not considered prostitution and illegal. Women buying sex from a man is not considered prostitution.

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